Legendary & Mythical Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap

Like all Pokémon games, there are Legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon to be found throughout the game. As these require more intricate means to get them compared to other Pokémon, they often tend to be elusive. This page details each Legendary and Mythical Pokémon in the game and where to find them.

Do note, the Legendary & Mythical Pokémon will not appear until after you have beaten the story.


Location: Jungle Night Jungle Day

Mew is found in the Jungle at night. If you turn around from where you start and play music, a pink energy ball will appear. Much like the original Pokémon Snap, if you hit it with a Flufffruit, Mew will appear for a few seconds. As you successfully photograph it, it'll appear further on in the level twice, then appear at the ruins when you play music, and then one final time right in front of you. After you max out Jungle (Night), it will also start to appear in Jungle (Day).

Mew - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Snowfields (Night)

Suicune's method of obtaining is a little convoluted. First, in Snowfields (Day), you need to unlock the second path by taking photos of the Alolan Sandslash until it breaks through a snow wall. After that, go to Snowfields (Night) and use Illumina Orbs on Crabominable to make it knock snow onto Abomasnow. This will summon a Froslass. Photograph it and you'll get another alternate route leading you outside. Then, when you're outside you'll see a Jynx riding an Avalugg. Throw an Illumina Orb and it will summon Suicune

Suicune - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Undersea

Lugia can be found in Undersea. You need to use an Illumina Orb on a Lanturn when going down the underwater element. Then, free it from two Frillish and it'll take you down a path where Lugia is asleep. You can awaken it by hitting both Crystabloom, the one beside it and the one behind it. This causes it to swim out. Afterwards, it will be swimming around at the end of the stage and will activate a spin when hit with items. If you hit it with an Illumina Orb when it's over the pedestal, it will roar and fly off

Lugia - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Volcano

Ho-Oh can be found in the Volcano. When you've beaten the game, Ho-Oh will appear in the skies at the start of the level. If you take a photo of it, then continue the course through the right hand Blue Magma part of the stage. Along the stage you will find three Rainbow Wings. One will be in the left side of the tunnel that has Graveler and the crater, another under a sleeping Torkoal and another in the Blue Magma chamber. Throw Illumina Orbs at all three and, at the end, Ho-Oh will appear.

Ho-Oh - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Forest

Celebi can be found in Forest. When you've beaten the game, you'll see it in the part at the end flying about. If you hit it with a illumina Orb in time, it will time travel away. If you then throw Fluffruit at the group of apples underneat the tree, Celebi will appear again and eat a Fluffruit. Then, it will appear on the ruins to the left. If you hit the Crystabloom, then look to the left, three more Celebi will fly in for a 4 Star picture

Celebi - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Ruins

Jirachi can be found in Ruins. When you've beaten the game and start the level again, it will appear right at the start. Complete the game and

When you're inside the ruins, you will find another Jirachi sitting on top of the purple pillar. If you hit it with 2 Illumina Orbs, it will wake up and fly off to the left. If you then activate all the Crystablooms in the ruins, it will fly towards the pillar of light. If you play the music, Jirachi will start dancing around the pillar of light. Do it again and it'll come to you and will have a magical wish which activates its 4 star photo opportunity

Jirachi - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Reef (Evening)

In Reef (Evening), the first appearance of Manaphy you will see requires a lot of intricate work. First, you need to lure the Inkay over to the first Crystabloom and have them jump. If you then hit the second Crystabloom, Wailord will go under water and Manaphy will swim in and play with the Inkay, giving a 3 Star photo shot. It also starts dancing if you play Melody

There is a second appearance if you go to the Blue Spot towards the end which takes you to a small area which has four Lapras. If you hit all four with Illumina Orbs and play the music box, Manaphy will appear, jumping between two Lapras

Manaphy - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Florio Nature Park - Park (Day), Florio Nature Park - Park (Night)

Shaymin can be found in Park (Day). It can be found towards the end, hidden amongst the flowers in Level 3. If you manage to bring Pichu, Scorbunny and Grookey to the end, you will be able to get a special interaction when they all gather by the final Crystabloom. It is also asleep in the middle area in Level 2. In Park (Night), it can be found at the start in Level 3 watching Scorbunny

In the Illumina Spot stage, Shaymin can be found on top of a cliff. If you time it right and photograph them talking, Shaymin will then ride on Meganium's head

Shaymin - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Aurus Island Illumina Spot

Xerneas is the final boss of the game and is found in the Aurus Island Illumina Spot. To get it, you have to throw Illumina Orbs at an Energy Ball and then at Xerneas again, like all Illumina Pokémon

Xerneas  - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Cave

Diancie can be found in the Cave in Level 3 when you move down to the alternate path. You'll find Carbink and Mawile on the ground. Throw Illumina Orbs at them and Diancie will appear. Throw another at it, and it'll put on a show for 2, 3 and 4 star photo opportunities

Diancie  - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Badlands (Night)

Zeraora can be found in the Badlands (Night) stage. Once you reach Level 2, you will see it to the left sleeping. If you wake it up, it will run around the stage and settle on a cliffside. If you then awaken Tyranitar while out of sight, the two will fight allowing for good photo opportunities

Zeraora  - New Pokémon Snap