Editing Photos

When you take photos, there are numerous ways to edit the photo. So, if you caught a picture of a Pokémon that you wanted to share, but things weren't quite right, there are ways to edit it before you put it live on the Internet.

Retaking Photos

After you've completed a stage and Professor Mirror has checked your photos, you have the ability to Save your Photo to your Album. However, before you do so, you can opt to retake the photo. If you do, you have a variety of options at your disposal

In this mode, you have the ability to alter the zoom, rotation and position of the photo, so if your Pokémon was say in the far left, you can move it to be center. You can also adjust the blur and the focus, as well as the brightness in order to guarantee the image focuses on things the way you like it.

You also have an option of turning the photo into a silhouette of grey, blue, brown, yellow, green, red or purple.

Retaking Photos - New Pokémon Snap

Post Image Editing

After saving to your album, you can then put some more finishing touches to image. This includes filters, stickers and frames. These are then saved onto the image and can be used to share the image online. These different options have more elements unlocked as you play through the game, complete Missions, and unlock titles.


Filters give you the ability to alter the photograph on a fundamental level, altering the style, exposure and so forth. Each filter option comes with a different scale so you can alter it how you see fit.

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Filters - New Pokémon Snap


Stickers give you the ability to add extra effects and humorous elements to a photo such as giving Pokémon hats, googly eyes and so forth.

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Stickers - New Pokémon Snap


Frames allow you to add a decorative element to the picture, helping to theme it. These range from stylish designs to logos and other characters

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Frames - New Pokémon Snap