Sleepy Gliscor

Sleepy Gliscor - Mission Picture
Voluca IslandBadlands (Night)
First Text
I saw a Gliscor yawning! I never see 'em during the day, so I thought that's probably when they sleep... But if that's the case, why'd it look so sleepy?
Completion Text
Wait, so it was just Vivillon making it sleepy? I guess it wasn't sleeping in after all.

How To Complete

Throw Illumina Orbs at the two Vivillon to your left so they start recruiting others, then activate the alternate path. Turbo through nutil you reach the Geyser and then throw a Fluffruit at the Gliscor so it goes to the left platform. Throw an Illumina orb at the trailing Sandstorm Pattern Vivillon and it will then awaken the Vivillon on the wall. The Vivillon will then use Sleep Power on Gliscor, which will then cause Gliscor to yawn. Take a picture of it yawning.

Example Picture

Sleepy Gliscor Example Picture