Valley of Vivillon

Valley of Vivillon - Mission Picture
Voluca IslandBadlands (Night)
First Text
We found some Vivillon scales here from a Vivillon form I didn't expect to see in this climate. Can you check it out?
Completion Text
It seems these Vivillon were so attracted by the energy of this valley, they traveled across the sea to come here! Fascinating!

How To Complete

This mission requires a lot of intricate work. First, you need to Illumina Orb the three Vivillon flying away from you. Then, quickly, you need to Illumina Orb and photograph at least 5 Diglett in the area and hit the Crystabloom to get the alternate path. All the Vivillon from the area will fly towards the valley. Hit the Crystabloom beneath them and more Vivillon will fly out. Take a group shot to complete the mission

Example Picture

Valley of Vivillon Example Picture


Star 6 Star 6Sticker