Saturday: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl - Coverage Day 3

20-11-2021 07:07 GMT / 02:07 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Coverage Day 2

It's Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl's launch day. As such, our usual discoveries are in progress. . As such, our usual discoveries shall begin. As usual, I'll be posting the main focal points here, while more in-depth details go on the discovery thread on the forums If you want to remain unspoiled, do not click the spoiler tag, nor visit the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl section until you have your game. Don't worry as blatant spoilers will NOT be on the home page.
Our Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl page and our Pokédex are all continually being added to, and we have a Version Exclusives page, Sinnoh Pokédex page and more available so be sure to check our section out. This update will be amended repeatedly with more pages and details as we get through the game
Edit @ 07:07: Created a page on PokéRadar
Edit @ 08:08: Created a page on Secret Bases & Statues including a full list of the Statues, the type they boost and their size
Edit @ 09:28: Created a page on In-Game Trades
Edit @ 10:38: Updated the Secret Bases & Statues with details about multiplayer
Edit @ 11:20: Created a page on Amity Square
Edit @ 12:48: Created a page on Battle Tower. Full trainer database to come soon
Edit @ 14:05: Updated the Ramanas Park page
Edit @ 14:32: Updated the page on Pokémon Hideaways in the Grand Underground
Edit @ 15:08: Updated the Pokétch page with all the app locations and details
Edit @ 16:05: Created a page on Move Tutors
Edit @ 17:56: Created a page on Useful Miscellaneous Characters
Edit @ 19:05: Created a page on Great Marsh
Edit @ 20:03: Updated the Battle Tower section with Trainer Listings

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