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Pokémon Masters - Clemont

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Pokémon Trading Card Game

The Pokémon Company International have been kind enough to offer us the exclusive official reveal of one of the cards in the upcoming set, Lost Origin. This set is due out on September 9th and includes a small 30 card subset, the Trainer Galleryt. We can exclusively reveal the Hisuian Zoroark V card, one of the focal points of this set, with their official description

Hisuian Zoroark V: A ghostly figure stalks the snow, waiting to strike! Hisuian Zoroark V joins the Pokémon TCG for the first time. Its Void Return attack allows it to return to the Bench or unleash Shadow Cyclone to move an Energyto another Pokémon and do 130 damage!

We've added these cards to our section and will continue to add the card listings over the next couple of weeks when pre-release products are out so be sure to keep checking back

Hisuian Zoroark V

Pokémon Masters EX

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Pokémon Masters EX

Pokémon Masters EX has announced the next event. This event is end of the Hoenn Villain Arc and introduces the Sync Pairs of Steven & Deoxys into the game. It runs from August 10th2022
Edit @ 07:03: The game has updated and we have updated our database with details of the new sync pairs of Steven & Deoxys and Giovanni & Persian


Pokémon Masters - Egg Event

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Pokémon Masters

The next Egg Event is live Pokémon Masters EX. This event allows for players to get eggs of various Fire or Ground-type Pokémon to make Sync Pairs. You can get the Sync Pairs of Main Character & Magby, Growlithe, Cubone, Vulpix and Sandsherew with Shiny varaints of Magby, Growlithe & Cubone being available. We have full details in our Flying and Psychic-type Egg Event secton
Alongside this, a new Blissful Bonanza has begun, and runs for a week until August 15th 2022

Pokémon Café ReMix

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Pokémon Café ReMix

Pokémon Café ReMix has announced the coming events in August. These events add two new Pokémon to the game
Hisuian Zorua will be available from August 12th in a Team Event
Jolteon will be available from August 22nd as part of a Point Event

Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO Safari Zone

A new Pokémon GO Safari Zone event has been announced. This event will run from September 23rd through September 25th in Goyang, South Korea. It is the first Safari Zone to be held in the country. Currently no further details have been announced

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