Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game and as such, there are numerous different real life events which provide a myriad of special features and/or things to do. This page will list all of these special events, things to do within them and any unique attributes.

Pokémon GO Fest
Date: July 22nd 2017
Location: Grant Park, Chicago, United States - Also aspects available globally
Tickets: $20 per ticket

Pokémon GO Fest is the first officially held event for Pokémon GO. Held in Grant Park, there are many things to do with many Poké Stops and a massive increase in spawns. Players could only access the special Pokémon GO Fest PokéStops and Raid Bosses if they scanned in a special QR Code they obtained upon entry to the event. This event tied in with a worldwide event where players both at GO Fest, as well as playing worldwide would work together to achieve certain accomplishments. They are as follows:

Phase 1 - Catch Challenge
Timeframe: 16:00-16:30 UTC, 18:00-18:30 UTC, 20:00-20:30 UTC
Players in Grant Park and worldwide were given the task to capture various Pokémon. Doing so unlocked special medals that special bonuses that worked for players worldwide while the worldwide players worked towards them to boost the bonuses Fire-type Pokémon - Candy Bonus
Water-type Pokémon - XP Bonus
Grass-type Pokémon - Stardust Bonus
Electric-type Pokémon - Egg Distance Bonus
Rock-type Pokémon - Buddy Distance Bonus
Normal-type Pokémon - Encounter Rate Bonus
Worldwide players then worked towards the final tally. Bronze made the bonus last 24 hours, Silver made it last 48 hours and Gold unlocked Phase 2
Phase 2 - Mystery Challenge
Players in Grant Park, from 6pm to 7pm Chicago time, can face off against a Legendary Pokémon
Phase 3 - Global Reward
From June 23rd to June 24th, players worldwide will start to find Legendary Pokémon Eggs.

Main Event Features:
New Poké Stops
Increased Spawns - Region Exclusives available: Heracross and Unown
Special 2km Eggs only obtained at this event
Unique Pokémon Raid Battles - Pikachu as a Raid Boss. CP: 5803
Team Lounges & Photo Opportunities
Unique Medal

During the event, it was hit by sizeable cellular congestion issues resulting in people being unable to play. Due to this, all attendees were offered a refund, given $100 of PokéCoins and the area for the increased Pokémon spawns for all attendees was increased by 2 miles and prolonged until Monday July 24th 2017.

Pokémon GO - Chester Heritage Festival
Date: July 22nd 2017 - July 23rd 2017 - 10:00 - 16:00 BST
Location: Chester, Chestershire, England
Tickets: Free

As part of the Chester Heritage Festival, Niantic teamed up with Big Heritage in order to provide a Pokémon GO Experience to help teach the history of the area, including opening up Chester Castle to the public for the first time in 20 years

Main Event Features:
New Poké Stops and Gyms
Pokémon GO PastPort - Collect stamps across the city in order to fill your Pokémon GO Pastport
Pokémon GO Map Trail - Hunt down 10 specific Poké Stops in order to receive a special Map Trail Certificate
Free Pokémon Go facepainters, musicians, birds of prey, odd characters will be dotted around the city

Pokémon GO - Safari Zone
Date: October 7th 2017
Location: Fisketorvet, Copenhagen (Denmark) & Centrum Cerny Most, Prague (Czech Republic)
Date: October 14th 2017
Location: Stadshart Amstelveen, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) & Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm (Sweden)
Date: September 16th 2017
Location: Centro, Oberhausen (Germany), Les Quatre Temps, Paris (France) & La Maquinista, Barcelona (Spain)
Tickets: Free, but registration required

On three specific days, various Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers across Europe will open up for special Pokémon GO events. This event is the Safari Zone and focuses on the capturing of Pokémon

Main Event Features:
Increased Spawns - Region Exclusives available. Larvitar, Chansey, Kangaskhan spawns increased
Unown Spawns - S A F R I
Increased chance of shiny Magikarp & Pikachu
Team Lounges & Photo Opportunities
Unique Medal

Pokémon GO Park
Date: August 9th-15th 2017 10:00-18:00 JST
Location: Yokohama Red Brick Park and the Cup Noodle Museum Park, Yokohama, Japan
Tickets: Free

As part of the annual Pikachu Outbreakchu event in Yokohama, the two areas of Red Brick Park and Cup Noodle Museum Park will be temporarily transformed into large areas for hunting Pokémon and finding Poké Stops with special focuses on Kanto and Johto respectively

Main Event Features:
Increased Spawns
Increased Poké Stops
Special 2km Eggs only obtained at this event
Unique Raid Bosses

  • Piloswine
  • Ursaring
  • Wobbuffet
  • Houndoom
Shiny Pikachu spawns
Mr. Mime and Unown (Y, O, K, H, A, M) spawns
Unique Medal

Pokémon GO Stadium
Date: August 14th 2017 18:00-21:00 JST
Location: Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan
Tickets: Free, restricted. Entry only through lottery

As part of the annual Pikachu Outbreakchu event in Yokohama, a special event called Pokémon GO Stadium was held. Entry was restricted to one entry per person and people were chosen by a lottery after registering before July 24th 2017. The Stadium event provided Raid Battles of Mewtwo and guaranteed players could catch it when they defeated it. The raids last 10 hours

Main Event Features:
Mewtwo Raid Battle

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