The Pokémon Company

Founded: 23rd April 1998
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

The Pokémon Company was originally set up as The Pokémon Center Company in Japan but then expanded into a bigger company. Join owned by Nintendo, Creatures Inc. and GAME FREAK, its purpose is to look after the Pokémon franchise. Through this, it helps manage the franchise by co-ordinating the anime with ShoPro, the movies with Toho and Legendary Pictures, merchandise from countless partners and help to commission and help in development of spin-off Pokémon titles.

List of Subsidiary Companies

The Pokémon Company International
Pokémon Center Co.
Pokémon Korea
Pokémon Toys Co, Ltd.

The Pokémon Company has developed 3 Pokémon Games in total.

List of Pokémon Games Developed by The Pokémon Company

GamePlatformFirst Release
Pokémon SmileiOS, AndroidJune 17th 2020
Pokémon SleepiOS, AndroidTBD
Pokémon UNITENintendo Switch, iOS, AndroidTBD