Gliscor, The Fang Scorp Pokémon. If it succeeds in catching even a faint breeze properly, it can circle the globe without flapping once. It dances silently through the sky. When it approaches prey, it can land a critical hit in an instant.Its flight is soundless. It uses its lengthy tail to carry off its prey... Then its elongated fangs do the rest. It observes prey while hanging inverted from branches. When the chance presents itself, it swoops!


Gliscor has excelled in Black and White as one of the best defensive walls in the OverUsed tier. Starting with base 125 Defense, Gliscor already has quite a few things going for it including decent HP and Attack, but its greatest asset it gained from this generation was the ability Poison Heal which provides massive recovery to Gliscor. This increases Gliscor's longevity greatly and allows it to better deal with many threats. Gliscor also has a very broad move pool, allowing it to sweep, support, and so on, and all of which it is pretty good at. All things considered, Gliscor is an exceptionally versatile Pokemon that can do well in several capacities.


Hyper Cutter: Gliscor's Attack cannot be dropped, a good ability that prevents Pokemon from Landorus-Therian from lowering your Attack.
Sand Veil: Gliscor has 25% higher evasion when the weather is Sand, another good ability that also helps Gliscor to Toxic stall, but unfortunately it is banned in several competitive metagames.
Poison Heal: Gliscor recovers 1/8 of its health every turn if it is Poisoned, this ability is the best of Gliscor's abilities as it allows it to survive quite a bit longer than it can otherwise.


Fangs for the Memories

-Protect / Roost
-Toxic / Taunt
-Ice Fang / U-turn
Item Attached: Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 244 HP / 248 Def / 16 Spe
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)

This set focuses on Gliscor's high Defense and takes full advantage of its movepool and stats. Earthquake is strong STAB that hits many Pokemon for decent damage, especially Pokemon like Terrakion who Gliscor can switch in on and attack. Protect helps Gliscor to take better advantage of the Poison Heal recovery, as well as help to scout out your opponent. Roost provides even more recovery, allowing Gliscor to recover around 62% of its HP in one turn (thanks to Poison Heal). Toxic can allow you to wear down more stall oriented opponent's, while you can Toxic stall with Protect as well (if you use it). Taunt is another option to prevent Pokemon from either setting up on Gliscor, or to stop more bulky Pokemon from recovering, etcetera. The last slot depends on which sort of additional coverage you want, with Ice Fang allowing you to hit physical Dragons like Dragonite and Garchomp better, as well as other Gliscor, while U-turn allows easy escapes and scouting out of potentially dangerous situations.

Gliding in the Wind

-Toxic / Baton Pass
-Protect / Roost / Taunt / Ice Fang / Swords Dance / Agility
Item Attached: Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 244 HP / 248 Def / 16 Spe
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)

This set uses Gliscor's ability paired with Substitute and Toxic to stall out opponents via Poison. Substitute protects you from major damage, and is very good when used by Gliscor as it regains about half of the HP lost when making the Substitute through Poison Heal. Toxic is Gliscor's main weapon on this part of the set, as it can Poison most opponents and then use Substitute and other moves to increase the residual damage that the opponent takes. Baton Pass is the other option, allowing Gliscor to make an escape as well as pass any boosts to stats that it may've gotten. Earthquake is a good STAB move that provides good coverage for Gliscor, as well as hitting most Steel and Poison types that would not be affected by Toxic. The decision for the last slot is based on need or which set you use, as Protect allows you to further stall out a Toxic'd Pokemon in addition to healing off all damage taken from making the Substitute, while Roost just immediately heals you. Taunt can be used to prevent the other Pokemon from healing as well as attempting to Taunt Gliscor. Ice Fang is an option for the last slot as coverage against other Gliscors and several other Pokemon. The other part of the last slot is the two boosting moves, Swords Dance and Agility, which can either be used for Gliscor's benefit or Baton Passed to another Pokemon. With the EV spread, it is important to keep high Speed EVs, with the 224 allowing you to outrun Adamant Landorus-Therian and everything slower, which allows you to set up on many of Gliscor's common checks, such as Rotom-Wash.

The Gliscor King

-Swords Dance
-Substitute / Agility
Item Attached: Flying Gem
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

This set focuses more on Gliscor's offensive capabilities. Swords Dance boosts Gliscor's decent Attack stat to very high levels, allowing it to do quite a bit of damage to many Pokemon. Substitute provides protection from status as well as allowing Gliscor to get a shield to set up behind if an opponent switches out of Gliscor, while Agility provides a Speed boost in addition to the Attack boost. Earthquake is powerful STAB that, as has been said, hits many Pokemon for strong damage. Acrobatics is another powerful STAB move, the first hit being boosted by the Flying Gem, and the rest being boosted by the fact that Gliscor no longer has an item. Hyper Cutter is used for an ability so as to prevent Intimidate Pokemon such as Gyarados and Landorus-Therian from lowering Gliscor's Attack.

Other Options

Aqua Tail, Counter, Facade, Night Slash, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge
Aqua Tail is a decent coverage move that can hit for some interesting coverage, but is more of a gimmick than anything else.
Counter could be used on the Defensive set or the SubToxic set as it allows Gliscor to do massive damage in return to being hit.
Facade is decent neutral coverage that is paired well with any of the Toxic Orb sets as being Poisoned boosts the power of Facade by quite a lot, making it a very formidable move.
Night Slash is a decent coverage move, as well as one of the few moves that Gliscor has that hits Pokemon like Gengar for solid damage.
Rock Polish serves the exact same function as Agility, so you can use it if you think it has a cooler name or if you like it better than Agility for some reason.
Stealth Rock can be good on Gliscor as it allows it to be the hazard setter for your team, something that many people do not expect from a Gliscor.
Stone Edge provides solid coverage against Flying types that Earthquake can't hit, but unfortunately loses out on hitting Landorus-T and other Gliscors (assuming it is replacing Ice Fang).

Double & Triple Battle Options

Gliscor can be a great wall in Doubles because it is immune to the powerful Earthquake, as well as being able to use it. It’s also possible to use a teammate on the field to Poison Gliscor to free up its item slot, only you would be wasting a turn in the process. However, as Sand Veil is not banned in this format, you can also use that as Gliscor's ability. Gliscor also has Acrobatics at its disposal, as well as being able to support the entire team with Tailwind.


Tyranitar makes a great partner for Gliscor when Gliscor has Sand Veil. After Tyranitar sets up the Sandstorm, Evasion is increased by 25% and it really helps survivability. Pokemon that can deal with bulky Steel types not weak to Earthquake (Forretress, Skarmory, etc) can really help out Gliscor as it really can't do much to them (and vice versa). Anything that can efficiently deal with Rotom-W as well will also be a great help to Gliscor.

Countering Gliscor

Skarmory is probably the best counter to nearly all the Gliscor sets, resistant / immune to both STABs, immune to Toxic, taking very little damage from any of the coverage moves, and able to Whirlwind out Gliscors behind Substitutes or Gliscors with Attack / Speed boosts. Many Taunt setters are able to handle the majority of Gliscor sets, only having to worry about the more offensive versions. As mentioned earlier, other bulky Steel types who do not take super effective damage from Earthquake such as Ferrothorn and Forretress can do very well against Gliscor. Rotom-W is another counter, although it has to be wary of Toxic. Good checks are basically any strong Special Attacker, as Gliscor has a pretty pitiful Special Defense. Any Special Ice / Water moves generally do massive damage, and even physical Ice type attacks can do solid damage thanks to Gliscor's 4x weakness to Ice.

Locations in Games

Not in game

Not in game

Not in game

Evolve Gligar

Evolve Gligar (HeartGold)
Trade from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold (SoulSilver)

Route 11, 15

Black 2/White 2:
Route 11, 15, 23

Animé Appearences

Gliscor has made a fair few appearances. Most notably, it was used by Ash after his Gligar evolved during his travels through Sinnoh. His rival Paul also had one, the leader of the wild pack of which Ash's Gligar was a part

# -English Episode Name- -Jp. Episode Name- Pics
532 Riding the Winds of Change! Gliscor and Gligar! Getting Through the Wind Maze! Pics
549 Chim-Charred! The Scorching Chimchar Pics
553 Fighting Fear With Fear! Gligar! Wings of Friendship!! Pics
M11 Giratina & The Sky Warrior Giratina & The Bouquet of the Sky - Shaymin Pics
P11 Not Aired Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure Pics
555 The Psyduck Stops Here The Psyduck Roadblock Pics
560 Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine Return to the Basics, Team Rocket! Pics
561 Playing the Leveling Field The Dancing Gym Leader! Fantina Appears! Pics
562 Doc Brock Pachirisu's Fever! Care-taking by Two People!? Pics
563 Battling the Generation Gap Pokémon Contest! The Celestic Convention! Pics
564 Losing Its Lustrous The Charge of Team Galactic!! (Part One) Pics
568 Aiding the Enemy Turtwig, Grotle...& Torterra! Pics
569 Barry's Busting Out All Over! Rival Trainer Jun Appears! Pics
571 Jumping Rocket Ship Chaotic Melee At Canalave City! Pics
574 A Breed Stampede The Way To Befriend Pokémon! Pics
576 Dealing With Defensive Types Canalave Gym! Steel Battle! Pics
587 Trials and Adulations! Clash! Mamoswine VS Aggron! Pics
588 Not Aired Mysterious Creatures: Pokémon Pics
589 The Lonely Snover The Lonely Snover! Pics
592 To Thine Own Pokemon Be True! Pokémon PingPong Competition! Ambipom Perseveres!! Pics
595 Sliding Into Seventh Snowpoint Gym! Ice Battle!! Pics
598 Frozen on Their Tracks Ampharos Train! Looker Appears!! Pics
599 Pedal to the Mettle Full Battle! Paul VS Ash! (Part One) Pics
600 Evolving Strategies Full Battle! Paul VS Ash! (Part Two) Pics
601 Uncrushing Defeat Uxie's Shadow! Pics
M12 Arceus & The Jewel of Life Arceus - Towards Conquering Space-Time Pics
P12 Not Aired Pikachu's Great Sparking Search Pics
605 Three Sides to Every Story Marill, Piplup & Elekid! Pics
609 Challenging A Towering Figure! Tower Tycoon! That Man, Palmer! Pics
618 Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! The Red Chain! Team Galactic Start!! Pics
620 The Battle Finale of Legend! Dialga and Palkia! The Final Battle!! Pics
622 Mastering Current Events! Air Battle Master Appears! Gliscor VS Scizor! Pics
638 An Elite Coverup! Elite Four Bertha! Hippowdon vs Torterra!! Pics
651 League Unleashed! Opening! Sinnoh League - Suzuran Tournament!! Pics
653 Working on a Right Move! Trick Room of Terror! Ash VS Conway! Pics
654 Familiarity Breeds Strategy! Rival Decisive Battle! Ash VS Paul! Pics
655 A Real Rival Rouser! Intense Fighting Full Battle! Ash VS Paul! Pics
656 Battling a Thaw in Relations Rival Battle Conclusion! Ash VS Paul! Pics
803 Dream Continues! My Dream: Pokémon Master! Pics
1203 Friends, Rivals, Lend Me Your Spirit! Fire Training Battle! Ash VS Paul!! Pics
1207 Battling as Hard as Stone! Ash Heads Into Battle! VS Steven!! Pics
1212 Bewitch, Battle, and Bewilder! The Semifinals II: Dazzle Pics
1213 Valor: A Strategic Part of Battling! The Semifinals III: Valor Pics
1214 TBC The Semifinals IV: Impact Pics
1218 TBC The Finals I: Torrent Pics
1219 TBC The Finals II: Toying Pics
1220 TBC The Finals III: Smashing Pics
1221 TBC The Finals IV: Partner Pics
1224 TBC Pokémon! I Am Glad I Got To Meet You Pics

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