Galvantula, The EleSpider Pokémon. They employ an electrically charged web to trap their prey. While it is immobilized by shock, they leisurely consume it. When attacked, they create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads. It creates barriers from electrified silk that stuns foes. This works as a weapon as well as a defense.


Galvantula is one of the more interesting Pokémon coming into Gen 6, and it's all due to one new move: Sticky Web. This singular move turned Galvantula into a relevant threat early into the new generation, as per usual with New Toy Syndrome, and unlike other users of the move, Galvantula has Speed and actual offensive presence to actually threaten foes even after setting Sticky Web. Its unique Bug/Electric typing allows it to threaten any Magic Bounce Pokémon due to their tendency to be Bug-weak, while having the strong neutral coverage that Electric STAB offers. With Compound Eyes, Galvantula can also get away with firing off an accurate Thunder without rain, giving it a powerful STAB move with a nasty chance of paralyzing the foe, which really solidifies Galvantula's superior offensive presence when compared to other Sticky Web users. However, while Galvantula is by far the best Sticky Web user, the fact remains that Galvantula is not that amazing itself. It lacks a great deal of power despite having fairly accurate Thunder to boast about, and it's as frail as you might expect from an oversized spider which means it struggles to take hits unless it runs Focus Sash. In addition, Sticky Web is more or less the only reason to run Galvantula over another Electric-type due to its lackluster Special Attack, so this limits what Galvantula can really do effectively. It still remains as one of the more interesting Bug-types out there, but unfortunately without better stats, Galvantula unfortunately must settle with the fact that it's not strong enough to keep up with the biggest threats.
+ Bug/Electric is a very unique typing that grants it solid neutral coverage, allowing it to beat any Magic Bounce Pokémon that might want to try bouncing Sticky Web back at it.
+ Galvantula is the fastest user of Sticky Web, which effectively makes it the best offensive user of Sticky Web. This means that Galvantula can actually do something if Sticky Web is already up or simply not useful in a specific matchup.
+ A useful ability in Compound Eyes grants Galvantula a more accurate Thunder that doesn't rely on rain, which makes up a bit for its lackluster Special Attack.
+ Unlike most Electric-types, Galvantula has stronger options than Hidden Power for hitting Ground-types, which otherwise give Electric-types a lot of trouble.

- Galvantula is very frail. Unless you give it a Focus Sash, do not expect this EleSpider to be taking any hits, resisted or not.
- While it may be fast, Base 97 Special Attack is rather lackluster. Iit may have powerful STAB options, but Galvantula is not an ideal choice for a purely offensive Electric-type.
- Galvantula is very reliant on Sticky Web to be effective; if you aren't using Sticky Web, you probably shouldn't be using Galvantula.


Compoundeyes: Raises the Pokémon's accuracy by 30%. This is Galvantula's best ability and the one you should expect every time, a more accurate Thunder is too good to pass up.
Unnerve: The opponent Pokémon will never use their held Berry while the Pokémon is in battle. This is not particularly useful, berries do not get in the way of Galvantula's role of setting Sticky Web so there's not really any reason to use this.
Hidden Ability (Available):
Swarm: When HP is below 1/3rd its maximum, power of Bug-type moves is increased by 50%. This is a useful ability in theory to power up Bug Buzz if running a Focus Sash, but this isn't worth giving up a more accurate Thunder and gives up the option of running Life Orb to be effective.



- Sticky Web
- Thunder
- Bug Buzz
- Giga Drain / Energy Ball
Item Attached: Life Orb / Focus Sash
Ability: Compoundeyes
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature

Sticky Web is the main reason to use Galvantula at all, an entry hazard that lowers the Speed of grounded foes makes it popular with teammates that have below average Speed so Galvantula will often try setting up with this early in the game. Thunder is Galvantula's primary STAB move and is more accurate thanks to Compound Eyes. The 30% chance to paralyze also allows it to potentially cripple a foe that resists Electric, making it more threatening to switch into since nothing likes being paralyzed. Bug Buzz is Galvantula's secondary STAB move and allows it to hit Grass-types that don't mind Thunder. It also hits Espeon and Mega Absol who might otherwise try switching into a Sticky Web, making it safer for Galvantula to set up Sticky Web despite these matchups. The last slot gives Galvantula a way to hit Ground-types harder, which is an advantage that the EleSpider has over other Electric-types. Giga Drain has great synergy with Life Orb to allow it to heal off recoil damage, though Energy Ball can be used for the extra power since Galvantula is unlikely to survive for very long.

The EV spread maximizes Galvantula's damage output while making it as fast as possible, and it's too frail to make any use of defensive investment anyway. Galvantula hits a solid Speed benchmark so Timid is the preferred nature, so that it can set Sticky Web against as many threats as possible. Life Orb boosts Galvantula's middling damage output so that it can actually pose an offensive threat, though Focus Sash guarantees it can survive and set up Sticky Web against faster threats. Compound Eyes is also necessary for Thunder to be reliable, and offers more use than any of its other abilities.

Other Options

- Volt Switch is an option over Grass-type coverage so that Galvantula can maintain momentum after setting Sticky Web, though this is difficult to justify most of the time.
- Sucker Punch can give Galvantula a means of picking off weakened faster threats, and since Galvantula doesn't need its already low defenses it can afford to run Naive for this. However, its Attack is even more unimpressive so this isn't particularly useful.
- Hidden Power Ice is useful for hitting Gligar which is an otherwise problematic hazard remover for Galvantula in formats where Galvantula is commonly seen. It also hits Landorus-T which otherwise fears nothing from Galvantula.
- Thunder Wave is never a bad move and an option to cripple switch-ins reliably without needing to worry about Sticky Web being removed, though this comes at the cost of reducing Galvantula's offensive presence.

Countering Galvantula

Galvantula's job is usually to set up Sticky Web and that isn't always answered by simply taking Galvantula down. Taking the oversized spider down isn't particularly difficult since it's incredibly frail, and since it isn't overly powerful, anything that can survive a hit can usually bring Galvantula down. Ground-types that aren't weak to Grass are solid answers, so Landorus-T, Gliscor, and even Gligar can switch into Galvantula comfortably assuming it doesn't carry Hidden Power Ice. Faster threats also threaten Galvantula from even getting Sticky Web up unless it runs Focus Sash, so Alakazam, Aerodactyl, Crobat and Choice Scarf Pokémon such as Chandelure can prevent Galvantula from doing anything unless it runs Focus Sash. In the event that Galvantula succeeds and sets up Sticky Web up, hazard removal can effectively make all of its efforts go to waste, especially if Galvantula goes down. Hazard removal from the likes of Latios, Latias, Excadrill, Salamence, Gligar and Mega Blastoise are all solid choices to completely negate Galvantula's attempts to set up Sticky Web for its team, though some of these do not enjoy dealing with Galvantula directly so they're better off waiting until after Galvantula switches out or has been KOed already. Galvantula is also easily walled by foes with high Special Defense, so threats like Blissey, Chansey, and Florges can comfortably switch into Galvantula and wall it all day thanks to their reliable recovery moves. While Galvantula may be the only remotely viable offensive Sticky Web setter, its insane frailty and lack of raw power make it simple to take it down. With effective hazard control on top of that, taking down this oversized spider is more or less as simple as using bug spray for those unwelcome guests in your backyard.

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Evolve Joltik

Black 2/White 2:
Evolve Joltik

Friend Safari

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire:
Evolve Joltik

Animé Appearences

Galvantula has made a few appearances in the anime. Most of them were when a group of wild Galvantula were in Unova.

# -English Episode Name- -Jp. Episode Name- Pics
676 Scraggy-Hatched to Be Wild The Wild Child That Hatched From The Egg. Pics
686 Emolga the Irresistible! Beware of Cute Faces! Emolga Paralyses! Pics
715 The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck! Sawsbuck: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, All Present!! Pics
723 Crisis at Chargestone Cave! Joltik, Galvantula! Chargestone Cave!! Pics
726 Battling the Bully! Double Battle! Pikachu & Krokorok VS Scolipede & Seismitoad!! Pics
751 Jostling for the Junior Cup! The Junior Cup Gets Underway! Dragonite VS Beartic!! Pics
752 Battling Authority Once Again! Power Battle! Iris VS Dawn! Pics
769 A Unova League Evolution Unova League Conclusion! Lucario VS Pikachu!! Pics
770 New Places... Familiar Faces! Juniper's Laboratory! A New Journey! Pics
773 Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot! Colress VS Looker! The Team Plasma Conspiracy! Pics
780 Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! Team Rocket VS Team Plasma! Meowth and Colress!! Pics
786 Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! Cilan the Connoisseur Detective! A Locked Room Mystery on the Open Sea!! Pics
795 The Journalist from Another Region! Alexa Appears! Helioptile & Gogoat!! Pics
800 Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! Emolga Joins Team Rocket!? Pics
812 Clemont's Got a Secret! Capture Lumiose Gym! Clemont's Secret! Pics
1169 Trial on a Golden Scale! Trial Mission! Volcarona's Golden Scales!! Pics
1215 TBC Go for Dream! Goh's Road to Mew!! Pics