Throughout the game, as you near the end of the mission that you are partaking, you will often be set against a specific Pokémon. This is likely a boss. You can tell what a boss is by the giant HP Bar and the fact it'd take hundreds of rotations in order to capture it. The majority of these Pokémon are also obtainable later on in the game within normal conditions and are less difficult to capture


After the missions at the Ranger School are complete and you begin your graduation, a Tangrowth will come upstairs and attack. As a new Ranger, you have to capture this Tangrowth. At this point in the game, you have no Pokémon Assists so this battle is entirely and completely dependant on your rotational skills. As with all Pokémon, an exclamation mark will appear above its head to indicate that its about to attack, giving you a chance to move out of the area

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-036 Tangrowth Grass Slam * 2 Grass


Near the dock of Pueltown while on a mission to destroy all the machines making the Pokémon dizzy, a member of Team Dim Sun will set a Toxicroak thats under their control at you. This will be a harsh battle due to its many Poison attacks, but now you have Pokémon assists, it should be easier. Make sure to have a healing Pokémon and the Electric Pokémon around such as Elekid will also help paralyze Toxicroak briefly and inflict damage

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-081 Toxicroak Poison Break * 2 Poison


In the mountain range, when fighting Team Dim Sun, you and your Ranger leader will get attacked by two Rampardos. You each take one. If unprepared, this will be the hardest boss battle you ever fight. He has three attacks including a headbutt, rock throw and rock drop. The rock drop lasts a while and will allow for the recovery of all his health if you cannot stop it. All the attacks will inflict 10+ damage so a healing Pokémon is advisable. Nearby there are several Mawile. Bring them here and use their assists to prevent Rampardos from attacking. This both damages and gives you the opportunity to circle him and capture it

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-085 Rampardos Rock Slam * 5 Rock


On Team Dim Sun's boat, after several rounds with the grunts on deck, you will be challenged by their leader with a Drapion she took control of with their machines. This Drapion battle on first looks is tough, but as long as you avoid his Poison Puddle and Poison Sting attacks, you should do fine. However, make sure you have a recharging Pokémon on hand just in case

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-174 Drapion Poison None Poison


Deep within the caves of Almia, you will come across five Odd Keystones on the ground. This has you in a battle against Spiritomb. Spiritomb switches between each of the five stones and whenever hes out in one, he will have a specific attack. Top Left has him send out a homing flame to try and damage your Capture Styler. Top Right has him shooting an Energy Beam down diagonally to the bottom left. Middle has him creating multiple shockwaves throughout the stage. Bottom Left has him shoot out several energy balls up to the top right and bottom right has him create more fire. He can be easily defeated using Paralysis from an Electric Pokémon as well as bringing the various Drifblim with you that you may have accumulated

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-196 Spiritomb Dark None Ghost


At the end of Lamia Palace, a Team Dim Sun leader will send a Froslass out against you. This will be a tough battle due to the nature of her attacks, but with patience you shall be able to succeed. Her first attack has her bringing four flames around her. It's advisable not to attack her while she is using this. Next she drops an icicle down into the stage, which will damage you if you hit it and finally she sends out a flame that will home in on any of your capture styler thats on the stage. After some patience, Froslass will be beaten

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-215 Froslass Ice Break * 4 Ice


Just a few rooms on from Froslass, you will come across Luicario who is protecting the Water Drop. He will challenge you to a match. This match is very difficult due to the nature of Lucario's movement and attacks. One attack has him shooting loads of Aura Spheres, another has him send out two Electrical Puddles, and another has him punching. After doing these, he will also sometimes get fully powered up and quickly do all of the above, unleashing four electrical puddles and giving you no sign of attacking. The best bet here is to take it slowly with patience and do it one rotation at a time.

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-223 Lucario Fighting None Fighting


Over at Boyleland again, in a volcano you'll come across another Dim Sun admin. This one, after you face her two grunts with Monferno, challenges you with Infernape. Infernape is relatively easy, especially if you've brought Rhydon along. His first attack has him shooting off a lava puddle that gets in your way. Next has the area around him explode. Once you get further into battle, he releases multiple lava puddles and can spread the explosion further out as well as within him, decided at random

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-170 Infernape Fire Flame * 3 Fire


In the room just after the room you fought against Infernape, giving you chance to regroup and get some more Pokémon, you will be challenged by Heatran so you can get the Flame Drop. Heatran has a variety of strong attacks including a strong headbut, shooting fire out and making a massive Fire Blast in the ground. When at a third, a half and two thirds health, Heatran also creates massive lava plumes that are permanent and take up the room for circling Heatran. Its best to circle these while trying to get Heatran. he also increases the attack amounts as you get closer to defeating him

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-228 Heatran Fire None Fire


Going underwater again in search of the next area, you will come across a number of Team Dim Sun grunts who have restricted a Wailord down in the ocean. When you're about to free the final one, you are challenged by a Kingdra they have taken control of. This is a simple Boss battle as Kingdra only has a variety of attacks, all common among Pokémon you have battled. First he will shoot out bubbles. Second a stream of water and finally sends out a shockwave around it. Simple enough to capture, you shouldn't have difficulty with him

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-231 Kingdra Water Break * 4 Dragon


In the Team Dim Sun headquarters, when you get to the end you will be challenged by the admin who challenged you earlier with Drapion. This time she uses Gliscor. Gliscor is a tricky Pokémon to beat. he has a variety of attacks including shooting gusts of winds out, throwing a mud puddle and charging back and forth across the stage. When you get over 70% of damage on him, he starts glowing and his attacks are sped up and increased in power and size. If you captured the nearby Sceptile, Arcanine and even Luxray, you can use their assists to your advantage here

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-129 Gliscor Ground None Flying


Deep in the temple in the Haruba Desert, Cresselia protects the Crescent Moon stone. When you approach the stone, Cresselia will approach and challenge you. Cresselia has a number of attacks including bringing an energy ball around it, shooting off an energy beam and at several points, it will send an energy ball around to border the screen permanently for this battle. If you avoid these attacks, Cresselia is pretty easy. Especially if you bring several ghost Pokémon with you

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-254 Cresselia Psychic None Psychic


Right after your match with Cresselia, you will be forced to give up the stone in exchange for one of your Ranger friends whom Team Dim Sun has captured, once the deal is done, a Magnezone is dropped off. Magnezone is a relatively easy boss and has a small amount of basic attacks to defend itself. First is the simple Discharge that sends shocks out within a small radius of it. Another has it drop off three electrical puddles. The final one has Magnezone bring a Spark Ball around it. Just be cautious and the Magnezone will be captured in no time

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-064 Magnezone Electric Thunder * 3 Electric


Once you return to the Ranger Headquarters and are briefed on the whole upcoming situation. The Ranger HQ has the Team Dim Sun admin who took the stone appear in the lobby. He, when he sees you're there, sends out Electivire to battle you. Electivire is also a simple boss. He has the Discharge attack and a Spark ball, however instead of one, he sends out two around him at once. He also sends out a spark on the floor. After a short while, Electivire will be yours

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-072 Electivire Electric Thunder * 3 Electric


After defeating Electivire, you will hear a loud crash. Go upstairs and you will see that the Dim Sun admins have arrived and demand one of the scientists to join them. After doing so, one admin remains behind and sets Garchomp on you. Garchomp is a quick Pokémon which makes him hard to be caught. He has a slash attack where he slashes in front of him once or twice. He also shoots out two mud-pits which will damage you if your styler hits it. He also charges off and around the screen, also damaging if you get hit. After some well placed and timed rotations, Garchomp will be caught

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-253 Garchomp Dragon Break * 5 Dragon


Heading to Team Dim Sun's tower above Pueltown recover the stone, you will face many Dim Sun members. Once you get near the top, the one who stole the stone will challenge you with a Rhyperior he has control over. Rhyperior is pretty simple and has four different attacks. The first is shooting two small rocks forwards. Another is to create a shockwave. The next has him dropping lots of rocks down from the sky to the stage. This gives him time to recover. Finally he causes an earthquake on the ground in an X Formation.

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-151 Rhyperior Ground None Ground


Up on the next level, you will come across another boss. This one has a Magmortar. Magmortar is another relatively easy boss utilising the same moves as a variety of fire Pokémon throughout the game. These include; Creating a massive explosion that will cause massive damage. Sending out a row of lava puddles and using a flamethrower attack. If you have any ground or rock Pokémon with you, this match will be even easier than normal

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-075 Magmortar Fire Flame * 5 Fire


Up on the 3rd level, you will encounter another boss, this time with Gallade. Gallade is a bit trickier than the previous two bosses. This is due to the fact that he will teleport randomly just before attacking, making it harder to avoid and capture. He has a slash attack that sends two blades flying outwards, he can throw two psychic energy puddles on the ground and has a close combat slash attack. If you circle around him whenever he's there, and let go just as he releases the attack, it should be easy. An electric Pokémon will do wonders

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-160 Gallade Fight Slash * 5 Fight

Rhyperior, Magmortar and Gallade

Right after defeating Gallade, the other admins will appear. They are angry that you got this far and they send the last three bosses you have fought; Rhyperior, Magmortar and Gallade, at you all at once. This is a very tricky battle as despite their strengths, it suffers from the same issues all multi pokemon battles do. Its hard to get a circle round them. All of their attacks are the same as before. If you brought an Electric Pokémon, it will be very useful here if you try and paralyze them together.


Go up a few further levels and Team Dim Sun have made all Pokémon in Almia follow their will. Calling upon a Dusknoir from the habura Desert, you are attacked. Dusknoir acts like many of the Ghost Pokémon. It shoots out a beam of Shadow Balls, fires a ghostly puddle into the stage and has a homing bit of fire. It will also have six bits of fire surrounding it for a short time

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-192 Dusknoir Ghost PsychoPower * 3 Ghost


Darkrai is the hardest boss and as such you'll have the most trouble with it. Straight after battling Dusknoir you will be thrown into battle with it. First your rotations will do nothing at all. However, after a few attempts, the power of the stones is infused in your styler and you can finally hit it. He has a variety of attacks including Shadow Ball and creating a Shockwave. Once you get to a certain point, he will do another attack which creates a dark portal in the middle. From then on, small dark puddles will randomly appear and cause damage. Later on, a massive dark sphere will come and randomly shooting at the stage in addition to the previous puddles. To make things worse, he teleports before and after each attack. A good strategy is to bring electric Pokémon and stun him doing as much damage as possible. capture him, and the game is over...or is it?

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-257 Darkrai Dark Dark Power Dark


Just when you think its all over, captured all 266 Pokémon and think its over, you get reports that a new section of Hippowdon Temple is open and it needs the three legendary golems; Regirock, Regice & Registeel to open up further. Go to the middle of the tile maze and down with them and open the door. Inside you will find Regigigas...the hardest boss of all. Why is it hard? Whenever he steps he creates a shockwave that takes off 18 hit points in one hit. He also can create four fissure pockets on the ground, make a fissure in the shape of an X which also drops rocks down and also creates a massive hyper beam. The best strategy here is to bring electric Pokémon to paralyze and damage and Steel Pokémon. The Steel Pokémon assist will make him unable to attack and that includes the shockwaves he creates when walking. After that, its simple to capture him as he's so slow. Once done, be happy as you've completed the game

Ranger No. Picture Name Group Field Ability Assist
R-267 Regigigas Normal None Normal

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