Field Abilities make a return in Ranger: Shadows of Almia. At many points within the game you will come across obstacles blocking your path. These can only be removed if you have a Pokémon with the certain field ability. There are a number of OverWorld Field Abilities that aren't affected by obstacles, but there are a good number of obstacles that do require removal by a Pokémon. All you have to do is drag the Pokémon to the obstacle and select yes. It is as simple as that. Usually just by looking at a Pokémon, you can tell perfectly which field ability it has. If you find an obstacle, you can also abe sure there is likely a Pokémon nearby that can overcome it

Once you have removed an obstacle, they are gone for good so you do not have to worry about bringing say a Pokémon with Tackle * 4 with you every time you go to a certain area. Each obstacle can be taken out by a Pokémon with an ability equal to or greater than the requirements. A Tackle * 5 can easily take out a Tackle * 2 obstacle for example while in contrast two Tackle * 2 Pokémon cannot take out a Tackle * 4 obstacle. Below are the obstacles you will find, where you're likely to find them and what is necessary in order to remove or defeat them.


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Big Rock Crush * 4 Peril Cliff
Capture Equipment Crush * 3 Sea of Wailord
Dark Remote Crush * 2 Peril Cliff
Old Rock Crush * 4 Sea of Wailord
Rock Crush * 2 Volcano Cave
Rock Crush * 2 Ranger School
Rock Statue Crush * 5 Vien Forest (Requires River Flow * 1)
Small Rock Crush * 1 Marine Cave
Switch Ball Crush * 3 Altru Tower
Wooden Box Crush * 1 Ranger School
Volcano Cave
Wooden Box Crush * 1 Volcano Cave


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Soft Soil Tunnel * 1 Chroma Ruins
Suspicious Soil Tunnel * 1 Hippowdon Temple


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Ice Statue Burn * 5 Almia Castle
Icy Hill Burn * 4 Almia Castle
Icy Mass Burn * 2 The Crysta Lake
Almia Castle
The Ice Lake
Icy Mass Burn * 2 Buruburu Camp
Leaf Pile Burn * 1 Ranger School
Smoke Detector Burn * 3 Altru Building
Suspicious Equipment Burn * 2 Pueltown
Torchlight Burn * 1 The Ice Lake
Almia Castle

Psy Power

Picture Name Ability Required Location
Sealed Door Psy Power * 1 Volcano Cave
Sealed Door Psy Power * 2 Chroma Ruins
Sealed Door Psy Power * 3 Almia Castle
Chroma Ruins


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Big Boulder Tackle * 4 Volcano Cave
Boulder Tackle * 3 Chroma Ruins
Cover To Historic Ruins Tackle * 3 Chroma Highlands
Forest Tree Tackle * 1 Chicole Path
Vien Forest
Chroma Highway
Union Road
Green Switch Tackle * 2 Cargo Ship
Kingstone Hatch Tackle * 2 Cargo Ship
Mass of Snow Tackle * 3 The Ice Lake (Requires River Flow * 2)
Moving Tree Tackle * 4 Vien Forest
Oath Object Tackle * 5 Ranger School
Old Flower Tackle * 3 Chroma Highlands
Snowy Tree Tackle * 1 Hia Valley
Stinky Flower Tackle * 2 Chroma Highlands
Strange Cactus Tackle * 2 Habura Desert
Strange Grass Tackle * 1 Union Road


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Block of Wood Cut * 1 Puel Sea
Capture Case Cut * 4 Altru Building
Hard Fallen Tree Cut * 3 Vien Forest
Chroma Highway
Iron Fence Cut * 3 Sea of Wailord
Rope Cut * 1 Cargo Ship
Steel Frame Cut * 3 Altru Building
Sea of Wailord
Steel Statue Cut * 5 Chroma Highway
Vine Cut * 1 Peril Cliff
Habura Desert
Wire Mesh Cut * 2 Cargo Ship
Wooden Fence Cut * 2 Chroma Highlands
Wooden Fence Section Cut * 1 Ranger School


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Electric Door Electrify * 1 Cargo Ship
Gate Electrify * 2 Oil Field Hideout
Power Generator Electrify * 3 Oil Field Hideout
Suspicious Equipment Electrify * 2 Pueltown
Switch Ball Electrify * 3 Altru Tower


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Anxious Tree Soak * 2 Chroma Highway
Haruba Village
Burning Fallen Tree Soak * 2 Vien Forest
Hot Rock Soak * 2 Volcano Cave
Mass of Stones Soak * 1 Marine Cave
Peril Cliff
Rugged Mass Soak * 2 Marine Cave
Peril Cliff
Volcano Cave
Suspicious Equipment Soak * 2 Marine Cave
Switch Ball Soak * 3 Altru Tower
Thirsty Tree Soak * 1 Ranger School
Vien Forest
Wall of Burns Soak * 3 Volcano Cave


Picture Name Ability Required Location
Dark Remote None Altru Tower
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