While following the same basic mechanics as the first Ranger Game,: Shadows of Almia brings several changes to the capture system into the fold

Hit Points

Hit Points are a common factor within Pokémon games but were missing from the first Ranger game. However, in this one, all the Pokémon have hit points and you wear them down by circling them with your capture styler. You can also get the hit point bar up by several Pokémon Assists. Once the Hit Point Bar is filled, the Pokémon is captured. Each Pokémon has their own hit point bar. The change is, you can stop circling them for a short time and their hit point bar will stay at the same level. Wait too long though and it will go back down

"Boss" Pokémon have a much larger HP Bar. This works in the exact same way as the other Pokémon but just is seperated from the Pokémon so you can see ease of increase when Capturing the Pokémon

Whenever you capture a Pokémon, your capture effort gets rated by letter being C, B, A and S Rank. These ranks determine any extra experience you get from the Capture. It is determined by the speed of the capture, whether your line got broken or attacked and whether it was continuous

These ranks are stored in your Ranger Browser with the best rank for the Pokémon being displayed with the Pokémon's sprite

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