A Mystery thats been going on for almost 2 years features the Unown. The 2 new ones, how do you get them? Well now we know how to but they dont seem to do anything.

The Unown lie in the Tanoby Ruins on Island 7. But to access them you first need to do a puzzle on the path south on Island 7

However the Unown have a Pattern in their appearences and thanks to Trip from the forums we now know the pattern. Each Ruin has a colour on the back pillars so we will refer to them by that colour. We'll go through the ruins from the Map above from Right to Left:

Monean Chamber

These Ruins only hold two Unown to start the alphabet. These are the Unown:

Liptoo Chamber

In here, all the Unown have a curve around their eye. These are the Unown:

Weepth Chamber

In here, all the Unown are Symmetrical. These are the Unown:

Dilford Chamber

In here, all the Unown are not Symmetrical and have a line coming out. These are the Unown:

Scufib Chamber

In here, all the Unown's are made of totally straight lines. These are the Unown:

Rixy Chamber

In here, all the Unown's eyes are level (in battle not below). These are the Unown:

Viapois Chamber

In here, The Unown Finish it. These are the Unown:

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