Mobile Version

Following on from the success of the Nintendo 3DS version, this game was developed for iOS and Android devices and released in 2015. This version is a straight port of the Nintendo 3DS version and keeps all the stages and game mechanics completely identical to the Nintendo 3DS.

It is currently unknown if there will be different events for the mobile platform version, and/or if there will be any exclusive features to either game. It's also not clear if your gameplay will transfer between the versions of the game.

Changes from Nintendo 3DS Version

Image Feature Details
PhotoGame MapTo compensate for the altered resolution of the game, and full touchscreen capability, the game's map has gone from left-to-right to bottom-to-top for scrolling
PhotoPresent BoxThe Present Box option is now available on the main overworld. Tap this to get a list of all gifts and items received.
PhotoEvent UnlocksA new feature that exists in the mobile version is to unlock event stages. These allow you to play an event stage if it is locked, but costs a Jewel to unlock it early.
Cost DifferencesIn the mobile version, a Great Ball costs 3,500 Coins to purchase. In addition to that, the Jewels purchased are at a lower amount
Jewel Amount Japanese Price US Price UK Price Europe Price
1 Jewel 100¥ $0.99 Ł0.89 €0.99
6 Jewels (5 standard + 1 free) 600¥ $4.99 Ł4.49 €4.99
10 Jewels (8 standard + 2 free) 960¥ $8.99 Ł8.09 €8.99
26 Jewels (20 standard + 6 free) 2400¥ $24.99 Ł22.49 €24.99
56 Jewels (40 standard + 16 free) 4800¥ $47.99 Ł42.99 €47.99
Image Name Effect Cos
Attack Power Attack Power Up Doubles the damage you inflict 5000 Coins
Complexity -1 Complexity -1 Removes 1 of your party Pokémon from the game board 9500 Coins
Disruption Delay Disruption Delay Prevents the opponent Pokémon from attacking for multiple turns 2000 Coins
Exp. Points x1.5 Exp. Points x1.5 Increases the experience your Pokémon earn in battle by 50% 800 Coins
Mega Start Mega Start Starts your Mega Evolution Gauge at full 2500 Coins
Moves +5 Moves +5 Gives you 5 extra moves to use in the stage 1000 Coins
PhotoFacebook ConnectivityIn the mobile version, you can connect the game up to your Facebook account. If you do, when you complete a stage you can share your data to Facebook and send friends Mini Hearts. This fills up a gauge and if the gauge is full, then you get an extra heart
Hit Points & Capture RatesIn the mobile version, the Hit Points for many Pokémon are increased and the Capture Rate is decreased. For example, Gengar goes from a base 2% in the 3DS version with 6516 HP while in Mobile it's 0.1% with 7819 HP
PhotoAmelia's HintsIn the mobile version, from Version 1.3.0, Amerlia will give certain Pokémon special rankings based on how useful they are in various stages. They receive up to 3 medals to signify this. On Expert stages and final stages in an area, you also now get given a recommended level for your Pokémon