Survival Mode

Survival Mode is a new mode introduced in Version 1.3.0 which has you face off against various stages non-stop and unlocks after you beat Stage 150. You select your 4 Support Pokémon before you start and you have to pay 3 Hearts in order to play the mode. From here, you play through random stages, with some stages being fixed, from the main part of the game. You have a fixed amount of moves for each stage but that does increase depending on your success in the game. If you don't do well in a stage, you end up with less turns in the next stage. There are 50 stages to fight through. The fixed stages are:

Survival Level Stage
3 Mega Audino
6 Mega Kangaskhan
10 Mega Sableye
11 Mega Slowbro
15 Raichu
16 Mega Mawile
30 Mega Glalie
35 Ampharos
40 Mega Ampharos
45 Mega Gengar
50 Mega Mewtwo Y

As you get past various stages, you will receive various item enhancements as a prize.

Completion Gifts

Image Name Effect Level Unlocked
Exp. Booster S Exp. Booster S Increases your Pokémon's Exp. Points by a small amount - +50 Level 10
Exp. Booster M Exp. Booster M Increases your Pokémon's Exp. Points by a moderate amount - +200 Level 10 - First time
Level 20
Exp. Booster L Exp. Booster L Increases your Pokémon's Exp. Points by a large amount - +1,000 Level 20 - First Time
Level Up Level Up Increases your Pokémon's Level by 1 Level 35 - First Time
Level 45 - First Time
Raise Max Level Raise Max Level Allows for the Pokémon to go above Level 10 by 1 level per item Level 30 - First Time
Level 40 - First Time
Level 50 (3 given) - First Time