StreetPass is a feature that is built in to the Nintendo 3DS system. With this feature, when you pass other players while your console is hibernating, it will share data with them on the fly. Pokémon Shuffle uses this feature to simply share statistics about players. When you receive a StreetPasss, you can see the Pokémon that they used at last play on the top screen, with their lead Pokémon being used as an icon. It shows the time spent on the game, stages cleared, Pokémon captured and how many people they have StreetPassed.

You can have up to 10 StreetPasses for Pokémon Shuffle at any one time.

StreetPass Gifts

The use of StreetPass is not just limited to getting information about other players, but rather also gives incentive to StreetPass a lot. As Jewels are used to purchase Hearts and Coins, and Hearts are used to play the game, they are vital commodities in the game and StreetPass allows for you to gain a few more beyond the initial gift.

Picture Gift Method
1 Jewel 1 Jewel First StreetPass
1 Heart 1 Heart Fifth StreetPass
1 Heart 1 Heart Every 10th StreetPass
1 Heart 1 Heart StreetPass Same Person 3 or 4 times in a row
1 Heart 2 Hearts StreetPass Same Person 5 times in a row
1 Heart 2 Hearts StreetPass after you haven't StreetPassed in a while
1 Jewel 1 Jewel Every 100th StreetPass