Jewel Shop

As this game is free to download and play, there are multiple things to help expedite the gameplay. When you go to play a level, it will cost you one heart and when you are under 5 hearts, they regenerate 1 heart every 30 minutes, but there are other ways to get the hearts. As you play through the game, you will find Jewels either through beating a stage or through StreetPass. You can use these Jewels to then exchange for a variety of things.

Item 1 Jewel 3 Jewels 6 Jewels 12 Jewels
Hearts 5 Hearts 18 Hearts 38 Hearts 80 Hearts
Coins 3000 Coins 10000 Coins 22000 Coins 48000 Coins
Item Shop

As you begin each stage, you will have the ability to spend your coins on a variety of items. These items can aid in the gameplay to make things easier for you to clear the board and capture the Pokémon.

Image Name Effect Cos
Attack Power Attack Power Up Doubles the damage you inflict 3000 Coins
Complexity -1 Complexity -1 Removes 1 of your party Pokémon from the game board 9000 Coins
Disruption Delay Disruption Delay Prevents the opponent Pokémon from attacking for multiple turns 1500 Coins
Exp. Points x1.5 Exp. Points x1.5 Increases the experience your Pokémon earn in battle by 50% 300 Coins
Mega Start Mega Start Starts your Mega Evolution Gauge at full 2000 Coins
Moves +5 Moves +5 Gives you 5 extra moves to use in the stage 800 Coins
Jewel Shop

There are other ways to get Jewels in order to pay for the above. This is with real money on your eShop account. In Japan and some countries, there is a limit to the amount you can spend each month, restricted to 10,000¥ , with some countries only imposing the limit for users under the age of 18 restricting to $100/Ł80/€100 a month. If you buy the larger packs, you will get more value for your money.

Jewel Amount Japanese Price US Price UK Price Europe Price
1 Jewel 100¥ $0.99 Ł0.89 €0.99
6 Jewels (5 standard + 1 free) 500¥ $4.99 Ł4.49 €4.99
12 Jewels (9 standard + 3 free) 950¥ $8.99 Ł8.09 €8.99
35 Jewels (25 standard + 10 free) 2500¥ $24.99 Ł22.49 €24.99
75 Jewels (48 standard + 27 free) 4800¥ $47.99 Ł42.99 €47.99

As of Version 1.3, you now get bonuses when you purchase Jewels. If you have purchased between 5 and 9 Jewels in a month, your regenerated hearts can go up to 6 and you get 600 coins with each check in. If you have purchased over 10 Jewels in a month, your regenerated hearts can go up to 7 and you get 700 coins with each check in. This lasts until the end of the month you purchased the Jewels in.