Assist Trophies are a new item to the Super Smash Bros series. In a nutshell, they are essentially the Pokéballs of the non-Pokémon franchise. When the item is used, a random character from another game series comes out and does a specialised attack based entirely upon their characteristics from the game which they are from. There are almost 30 different kinds of Assist Trophies, giving a good range of random characters to come to the fight and do major damage
Name: Andross

Game Series: Starfox
First Appearance: Starfox (1993)

Andross takes his classic 16-bit look from the original Starfox game in his Assist Trophy reveal. Andross takes place behind the stage and breathes in. After a short time, he will start shooting out metal tiles forwards directly in front of him. These tiles will do decent damage to anybody they hit

Assist Trophy - Andross
 Barbara The Bat
Name: Barbara The Bat

Game Series: Band Brothers
First Appearance: Daigasso! Band Brothers (2004)

From a Japan only game, Barbara the Bat is a Guitarist in the Band Brothers. When she is summoned, like expected, she gets out her guitar and starts jamming on it. This sends out powerful shockwaves that damage anyone they come into contact with

Assist Trophy - Barbara
Name: Devil (Demon in some regions)

Game Series: Devil World
First Appearance: Devil World (1984)

From a game that wasnt released within the United States, the Devil from Devil's World appears. However, he is not a damaging Assist Trophy. Instead, what he does is point in a direction and the screen scrolls in that direction, thus making the visible stage disappear and thus it harder to stay alive for the time that Devil is in play

Assist Trophy - Devil/Demon
 Dr. Wright
Name: Dr. Wright

Game Series: Sim City
First Appearance: Sim City (1992)

From what is originally not a Nintendo game, Dr. Wright is the advisor to the mayor of the Sim Cities. After that appearance, he has made appearances in a variety of games including Zelda. In Brawl however, his Assist Trophy persona utilises the Sim City nature of his character. One summoned, he sends out a massive SkyScraper. This SkyScraper damages and pushes up anyone that it was under when it appeared

Assist Trophy - Dr. Wright
Name: Excitebike

Game Series: Excitebike
First Appearance: Excitebike (1984)

Looking like they're straight out of the NES Excitebike game, once summoned, a massive amount of racers from Excitebike come across the stage, damaging anyone they come into contact with and taking them with them as they travel. This is a good annoy tactic and a good way to push any enemies off the stage

Assist Trophy - Excitebike
 Gray Fox
Name: Frank Jaeger - Gray Fox

Game Series: Metal Gear
First Appearance: Metal Gear (1987)

In his Cyber Ninja Form, The Gray Fox will arrive in the battle, ready to show off his ninja skills. He slyly and quickly goes up to an enemy and starts slashing at them with the sword, following them where they go, even by jumping. The sword slashing can also reflect any projectiles shot at him so be careful not to do that

Assist Trophy - Gray Fox
 Hammer Bro.
Name: Hammer Bro.

Game Series: Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1984)

The Hammer Bro. is a common enemy of the Super Mario franchise. Like in Super Mario Bros., the Hammer Bro. here will move around slightly, throwing hammers at the enemy, while occassionally jumping to get added height and distance to the hammer throw

Assist Trophy - Hammer Bro.
Name: Helirin

Game Series: Kuru Kuru Kururin
First Appearance: Kuru Kuru Kururin (2001)

The Helirin is the only non-sentient result of the Assist Trophy. As it's essentially a platform, you can utilise it as such for walking about. However, its constantly rotating and moving around the stage so you will likely get pushed off at various points

Assist Trophy - Helirin
 Infantry & Tanks
Name: Infantry

Game Series: Nintendo Wars
First Appearance: Famicom Wars (1988)
This Incarnation: Advance Wars (2001)

The Infantry is a collection of tanks and soldiers from the Advance Wars game on the GameBoy Advance. Once summoned, a platoon of tanks and soldiers come out, using the same sprites from the GBA game and will go to the left and right of the stage, damaging anyone they hit. They will also shoot out lasers and other projectiles in front of them to do even more damage

Infantry & Tanks
Name: Isaac

Game Series: Golden Sun
First Appearance: Golden Sun (2001)

A commonly requested character, Isaac makes an appearance as an Assist Trophy. Once he's sent out, he will stand use his move Psynergy. This creates a hand that is sent forwards, damaging and pushing anything in its path, possibly off the stage. Isaac sends out three Psynergy hands before disappearing

Assist Trophy - Isaac
Name: Jeff Andonuts

Game Series: Earthbound
First Appearance: Earthbound (1995)

Jeff is a rather geeky kid who is a mechanical genius. This is shown in his assist trophy effect. When he's released, he sets up 5 rockets and then ducks for cover. These 4 rockets and 1 mega rocket shoot up into the sky and then come down, homing into any enemies where they can. As they are explosives, they cause decent damage

Assist Trophy - Jeff
 Jill & Drill Dozer
Name: Jill & Drill Dozer

Game Series: Drill Dozer
First Appearance: Drill Dozer (2005)

Jill is the daughter of the boss of the Red Dozers. As such, she has her own specialised Drill Dozer. Once she is summoned, she gets into the Drill Dozer and starts travelling along the stage from left to right, doing serious damage and knockback to anyone she comes into contact with

Assist Trophy - Jill & Drill Dozer
 Kat & Ana
Name: Kat & Ana

Game Series: WarioWare
First Appearance: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (2003)

Kat & Ana are two Ninja sisters that are utilised in the WarioWare game series. Once summoned as an Assist Trophy, they get together and then shoot off in opposite directions. They will repeatedly come, aimed at an opponent and hitting the opponent when they come together in a cross shape and cause decent damage. They do this a handful of times before disappearing

Assist Trophy - Kat & Ana
 Knuckle Joe
Name: Knuckle Joe

Game Series: Kirby
First Appearance: Kirby Super Star (1996)

Knuckle Joe, when summoned, lives up to his name of Knuckle. As he starts, he begins doing multiple jabs at the nearest opponent (called Vulcan Jabs). Afterwards, he follows where they go, jumping if necessary, and does one of two powerful finishers. One where he sends the opponent flying to the side with a powerful explosion (Smash Punch) and one electrically powered uppercut (Rising Break)

Assist Trophy - Knuckle Joe
Name: Lakitu

Game Series: Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. (1984)

Unlike the Hammer Bro., Lakitu returns in its full 8-bit glory from the original Super Mario game. Like in the original Mario games, Lakitu stays up in his cloud and moves around, dropping Spiny Eggs down from above. These eggs themselves do decent damage if you're hit. However, once they land, they turn into Spinys that walk along the stage doing more damage to anyone they hit

Assist Trophy - Lakitu
 Little Mac
Name: Little Mac

Game Series: Punch-Out!
First Appearance: Punch-Out! (1987)

Little Mac is the boxing hero from the NES game Punch-Out!. Following his roots while being an assist trophy in Brawl, Little Mac dashes along the stage and lunges at the opponent. If he makes contact, he will do a couple of punches and then, if possible follows up with an uppercut

Assist Trophy - Little Mac
Name: Lyn

Game Series: Fire Emblem
First Appearance: Fire Emblem (2003)

Lyn, like the other Fire Emblem characters, has a sword. This sword is a long and thin Ninja style sword and as such, Lyn's movements are ninja-like in nature. Once summoned, she charges some power and quickly vanishes. She then re-appears right by an opponent and connects with a powerful attack that does decent damage and considerable knockback

Assist Trophy - Lyn
Name: Metroid

Game Series: Metroid
First Appearance: Metroid (1987)

The Metroid appears. This partially transparent head-sucker follows its usual mission objective of sapping energy out of enemies. Once its summoned, it will head to the nearest opponent and attach itself to their heads, giving lots of continual damage. They can be shaken off by rapid movement, in which they will move and try and go for the next nearest opponent...or it'll just go back to the same one

Assist Trophy - Metroid
Name: Nintendog

Game Series: Nintendogs
First Appearance: Nintendogs - Labrador & Friends (2005)

When the Nintendog is summoned, he sits on the stage and barks for a second and then disappears. He soon re-appears right in front of the screen. It playfully taps on the screen like in the Nintendogs game. However, unlike in Nintendogs, this isn't cute but rather annoying as it obstructs the view which could be detrimental to your brawl

Assist Trophy - Nintendog
 Ray MK II
Name: Ray MK II

Game Series: Custom Robo
First Appearance: Custom Robo V2 (2000)

Ray MK II is the second version in the line of Ray robots in Custom Robo. In Brawl, when summoned by the assist trophy, he will start jumping around the stage. When he's jumped up, he will start shooting green lasers and some explosive charges around the stage, damaging anyone they come in contact with and he then lands. If anyone comes into contact with him when in the air, they also receive damage. He does this several times before disappearing

Assist Trophy - Ray MK II
 Mr. Resetti
Name: Mr. Resetti

Game Series: Animal Crossing
First Appearance: Animal Crossing (2001)

Mr. Resetti is another of the Assist Trophies that do not actually do any damage to anyone. Rather, Mr. Resetti just has one of his trademarks rants that go on for a long time. These take up a good portion of the screen, but luckily is partially transparent so you can still see most of what you are doing

Assist Trophy - Mr. Resetti
 Saki Amamiya
Name: Saki Amamiya

Game Series: Sin & Punishment
First Appearance: Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth (2000)

Saki, one of the characters from the originally Japan only Sin & Punishment series, has a variety of useful attacks that are used when summoned from an assist trophy. Saki's weapon, the Cannon Sword, is used in a variety of ways. Saki moves around the stage, jumping if necessary and slashes into opponents with the sword portion of his Cannon Sword. He then from a further distance is known to shoot with the laser gun part, causing decent damage

Assist Trophy - Saki Amamiya
 Samurai Goroh
Name: Samurai Goroh

Game Series: F-Zero
First Appearance: F-Zero (1990)

Samurai Goroh gets out of his F-Zero racer in Brawl for he is utilised as an Assist Trophy. Like other characters whom are assist trophies, Samurai Goroh has a sword. Using this sword, he moves forwards with a constant slashing of the sword, this does decent damage and can cause multiple hits if the opponent is directly in front of him when he starts

Assist Trophy - Samurai Goroh
 Shadow the Hedgehog
Name: Shadow the Hedgehog

Game Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
First Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)

Shadow, a genetic experiment to create the ultimate life-form, makes an appearance in Brawl as an Assist Trophy. When summoned by the Assist Trophy, Shadow jumps out and calls upon Chaos Control. The Chaos Control ability slows down time, making everyone slower in movement. Everyone apart from the person who summoned Shadow that is

Assist Trophy - Shadow the Hedgehog
Name: Stafy

Game Series: Stafy
First Appearance: Densetsu no Stafy (2002)

Stafy, from the Japanese Densetsu no Stafy (Legendary Stafy) series, is another assist trophy that western players may recognise from cameos in games like Super Princess Peach. In Brawl, Stafy appears as an assist trophy and when summoned, will start moving along the stage. It will spin around when close to an enemy in order to cause damage. However, in doing so, it is also able to be attacked and knocked away from the players

Assist Trophy - Stafy
Name: Tingle

Game Series: The Legend of Zelda
First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000)

Tingle, possibly one of the most loathed characters in Nintendo's history by some western gamers, has a variety of attributed in Brawl. Acting similar to Togepi does, Tingle does his Tingle-Tingle-Kooloo-limpah dance, and then one of a random set of things happen. One has Tingle send out loads of flowers, which make the camera zoom in on the user, making it very difficult for other players for about 5 seconds. One has Tingle throw out dozens of Banana Peels. Another has Tingle summon a load of Balloons and float off upwards and finally, one has Tingle suddenly spawn lots of Hammers for use; both Golden and Normal hammers. It's Hammer Time!

Assist Trophy - Tingle
Name: Waluigi

Game Series: Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance: Mario Tennis (2000)

Waluigi, the Dick-Dastardly-esque Mario character, makes an appearance as an assist trophy. In it, Waluigi will walk up to the nearest enemy and slam them into the ground. He will keep pummeling them with hits for a couple of seconds before eventually either kicking them off, or serving them with his tennis racket. This does decent damage

Assist Trophy - Waluigi

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