Event Matches make their return to Smash Bros. In Brawl. Unlike in Melee where there was 51 of them, in Brawl there are 62. However, 21 of them can only be utilised via co-op. These matches either force wins under certain conditions or pit you against a variety of characters

 Match 1 - Two Trouble Kings
Playable as: Mario
Against: Bowser, King Dedede
Stage: Delfino Plaza

The first match is just a simple brawl pitting you as Mario against Bowser & DeDeDe on the moving Delfino Plaza Stage. A good method here would be to knock them downwards as their recovery is not that good and they are heavy

Two Trouble Kings
 Match 2 - Landmaster Maneuvers
Playable as: Fox
Against: Meta Knight, Sheik
Stage: Corneria

The second match is unique in that, while you play as Fox, you will never actually control him for you are constantly in the Landmaster Final Smash attack. The point of this match is for you to get as many knockouts as possible with the Landmaster. Simple enough

Landmaster Maneuvers
 Match 3 - Pink Ball Repulsion
Playable as: Meta Knight
Against: Kirby
Stage: Battleship Halberd
Unlocks: Battleship Halberd Trophy

The third match can be rather tricky. Your task in this event is to KO Kirby before the stage lands on Meta Knight's ship; The Halberd. A tricky feat indeed since Kirby can easily recover so you have to be quick and sharp in the attacks

Pink Ball Repulsion
 Match 4 - Cleaning House in Skyworld
Playable as: Pit
Against: Wario
Stage: Skyworld
Unlocks: Palutena Trophy

The fourth match is simple in that you do not have to do any fighting. All you have to do is destroy the platforms on Skyworld. However, Wario is also on the stage and will give you trouble so you may wanna KO him first, but its not necessary

Cleaning House in Skyworld
 Match 5 - Become the Champion!
Playable as: Pokémon Trainer
Against: Pokémon Trainer
Stage: Pokémon Stadium 2

The fifth Match is a simple Pokémon battle. Trainer VS Trainer and as such you have to KO your opponent to win the match

Become the Champion!
 Match 6 - Bowser Bros.
Playable as: Bowser
Against: Mario, Mario, Mario
Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1

The sixth match is essentially a survival match. As Bowser, you have one stock against infinite Mario. Your task is to get to the end of the level. This should be simple if you avoid the Mario, but dont stop and fight them as you'll likely get knocked out

Bowser Bros.
 Match 7 - Diddy Kong Panic
Playable as: Donkey Kong
Against: Diddy Kong (*15)
Stage: Mario Circuit

The seventh match puts you against 15 Mini Diddy Kongs. 3 at a time, you have to knock them all out without dying yourself. A common tactic would be to use Donkey Kong's down special to send them flying, but beware of the Shy Guys racing around the course

Diddy Kong Panic
 Match 8 - Go! Trinity
Playable as: Pikachu
Against: Ivysaur, Charizard, Squirtle
Stage: Pokémon Stadium
Unlocks: Music - Route 1/Viridian City - Pokémon Red/Blue

The next match pits you out against the three Pokémon a Pokémon Trainer in this game has control of; Ivysaur, Charizard & Squirtle. They're on their own so they cannot switch. You have to, as Pikachu, KO all of them

Go! Trinity
 Match 9 - The Monster Beneath the Earth
Playable as: Ike
Against: Diddy Kong, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong
Stage: Castle Siege

The next match has you as Ike against two normal Diddy Kongs. Your task is to KO them. However, if you are slow in this undertaking and reach the third part of the stage, Donkey Kong will come and join the fight against you, making the event even harder

The Monster Beneath the Earth
 Match 10 - All Star Regulars
Playable as: Any
Against: Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi, Fox, Samus, Pikachu, Kirby
Stage: Final Destination

The 10th match puts you in the first All-Star match. This match pits you against the 8 characters that have been in the Smash series from the get go. You fight them two at a time with each being replaced shortly after they are KO'd. This is a true endurance match, but as you can select your character, you can use your best and easily defeat them

All Star Regulars
 Match 11 - Yoshi Rainbow
Playable as: Ice Climbers
Against: Yoshi
Stage: Rainbow Cruise

The next match has you against many Yoshi. As the Ice Climbers, you have to KO them in an order based entirely on their colour. This order is; Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Light Blue & Blue...the colours of the rainbow. Do it in the right order and you shall win the match. You are against two at a time

Yoshi Rainbow
 Match 12 - Sleeping in the Eggs
Playable as: Yoshi
Against: Pikachu, Kirby
Stage: Yoshi's Island

This match doesnt have the objective of knocking out your opponent. Instead, to win this match, you have to get both Kirby and Pikachu to be in Eggs, using Yoshi's Neutral Special, at the same time. A very tricky endeavour so make sure they're nearby when you grab them

Sleeping in the Eggs
 Match 13 - Dragoon Strike
Playable as: Kirby
Against: Wario, Wario, Wario
Stage: Battleship Halberd
Unlocks: Music - Legendary Air Ride - Kirby's Air Ride

This match is rather tricky in that instead of KOing the three Warios your against normally, you have to collect the Dragoon parts and KO all three Wario. To do this quickly, what you need to do is lure them to the last piece and grab it and quickly shoot at where you got the piece, else they'll be seperated and it wont work

Dragoon Strike
 Match 14 - Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin
Playable as: Pikmin & Olimar
Against: Pikachu, Pokémon Trainer
Stage: Distant Planet
Unlocks: Red Pikmin Trophy

This match is also tricky in that you have to defend yourself as Olimar, which puts your Pikmin at risk. The objective is to protect the Pikmin and allow their flowers to bloom. This takes around a minute so can be tricky if your Pikmin keep getting killed

Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin
 Match 15 - The Hammer of the King
Playable as: King Dedede
Against: King Dedede, King Dedede, King Dedede (Giant & Metal)
Stage: Smashville
Unlocks: Music - Dedede's Theme

This match is a Dedede free-for all. You, while playing as King Dedede are up against 3 Dedede, one of which is Giant and Metal to make KOing him even harder. Your task, is to KO that giant metal Dedede. Not very easy to do at all

The Hammer of the King
 Match 16 - Power Suit ON!
Playable as: Zero Suit Samus
Against: Zero Suit Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Stage: Frigate Orpheon

This match pits you against two other Zero Suit Samus'. Smash Balls will adorne the stage and you have to grab it and use your Final Smash to get into the Power Suit before your opponents do the same

Power Suit ON!
 Match 17 - Super Waterfall Climb
Playable as: Zelda
Against: Ice Climbers, Ice Climbers
Stage: Rumble Falls

This match has you against Two Ice Climbers. Rather than a battle to the death, the objective of this match is for you, as Zelda, to get to the top of the whole Waterfall without getting knocked out. Sounds easy? Its not

Some Serious Waterfall Climbing
 Match 18 - Dark Link Duel
Playable as: Link
Against: Link Shadow
Stage: Bridge of Eldin
Unlocks: Music - Dark Mountain Forest - Link to the Past

This match has you as Link go up against Dark Link, the shadow version of Link. This is a Stamina match and is a fight to the death. Be careful as he can get many good strong attacks in quickly

Dark Link Duel
 Match 19 - Wario Bros.
Playable as: Wario
Against: Mario, Luigi
Stage: Mario Bros.
Unlocks: Mario Bros. Stage

This is a simple match on the Mario Bros. stage having you against the characters that originate from the arcade game its based on; Mario & Luigi. This match is a bit tricky due to not being able to knock them up or down, but can easily be won.

Wario Bros.
 Match 20 - All Star Brawl 1
Playable as: Any
Against: Wario, Meta Knight, Pit, Lucas, Pokémon Trainer, Pikmin & Olimar, Diddy Kong, Zero Suit Samus
Stage: Battlefield

The second all-star match has you against the newcomers in Brawl that are there from the get go. You fight two of them at a time and so this can be a very tricky match to complete. Be very careful and use items to your advantage. Again, you can play as any character so you can use your skills easily

All Star Brawl 1

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