The target Smash makes a return to Brawl in a different manner than in Melee. Instead of each character having a Target Test that matches their abilties which Melee had, Brawl instead has 5 different stages, all of which have characters going through the same stages but utilising different abilities to get the targets. There are 10 targets in each stage and a variety of different quirks to each stage that will make you have to think hard on how to get them without losing your stock and are each unlocked by defeating the previous level

 Stage 1
Difficulty: Easy

The first stage is arguably the easiest as you can go clockwise around the stage and get every target without risk of falling off of the level. If your character has a small projectile weapon, you can easily get the top left target by shooting through the gap in the wall. The rest can all be reached easily with a simple jump or just by walking up to them and hitting them.
This Target Smash level also turns up when you play Classic Mode on the Easy Difficulty

Target Smash Level 1
 Stage 2
Difficulty: Normal

The second stage, set in a desert backdrop has you requiring to think more about your strategy as a variety of the targets are all in the air and have you needing to jump in order to get them. This can be tricky if you have a character that cannot jump too well such as Bowser. However, there are various items dotted around the level that have the ability to help you out. In this level theres a Crate, a Fan, a Beam Sword, a Home-Run Bat, a Poison Mushroom, a Cracker Launcher and a Smart Bomb. All of which will be able to help you reach the targets that may be just out of reach for your character
This Target Smash level also turns up when you play Classic Mode on the Normal Difficulty

Target Smash Level 2
 Stage 3
Difficulty: Hard

The third stage really ups the difficulty considerably. It contains spikes to damage you and various holes with targets dotted around them meaning if you make one false step, it could mean the end of your Target test campaign. Like the other levels, it contains items such as the Blast Box, a Ray Gun a Smart Bomb & a Deku Nut. Using these items, you should be able to avoid the holes and spikes and eventually win
This Target Smash level also turns up when you play Classic Mode on the Hard Difficulty

Target Smash Level 3
 Stage 4
Difficulty: Very Hard

The fourth stage is set high in the Ice Climber's mountain top. With the stage set entirely upon ice, your character will slip around easily. To make matters worse, there are no items and the Targets will move in and out of the level's terrain, making the whole ordeal that much harder. There are holes at the bottom of the stage for you to fall down as well so you have to be extra careful when trying to break the targets
This Target Smash level also turns up when you play Classic Mode on the Very Hard Difficulty

Target Smash Level 4
 Stage 5
Difficulty: Intense

The fifth and final stage is arguably the hardest. There are spikes and moving platforms around this level as well as numerous holes, all with Targets hovering far over them. This level has just a Beam Sword on it and as such gives you no extra projectiles, bar throwing the Beam Sword. This will make the two leftmost targets even harder for those characters that dont have their own projectiles so you have to be prepared and very very careful
This Target Smash level also turns up when you play Classic Mode on the Intense Difficulty

Target Smash Level 5

There are two unlockables in the Target Smash's, both of which are only obtainable when you play it in the Stadium mode. These unlockables are:

Stafy Trophy: Defeat Target Smash Level 1 with 10 Characters
Lucario: Defeat Target Smash's Level 1-5 with one character

Each Target Test is unlocked by defeating the previous level so you cannot go straight in for Level 5 in Target Smash mode

Lucario is unlocked!

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