All-Star Mode makes a welcome return after being introduced in Melee and as in Melee, needs you to unlock all 35 characters. However, unlike in Melee, the order is pre-determined and not totally random. Instead, the order of the All-Star Mode is determined by the starting date of each franchise that the characters are from. While there can be up to 4 characters in the franchise, you're never battling more than one at a time, although if there are more than two, the characters you face first are randomised as is the stage that you battle upon
When select the mode, you are thrown straight into a battle. After the Brawl, you will be sent to a hub where there are three heart containers, utilised for healing, and where you can move on to the next Match. All damage obtained within the matches is kept throughout the whole mode, although occassionally, a Trophy may show up and there are various trophies earned by beating it including each character's Final Smash trophy when you beat it with them.

 Match 1 - Game & Watch
Game Series: Game & Watch
First Game: Ball (1980)
Characters: Mr. Game & Watch
Stage: Flat Zone 2

The first match simply has you battling against the single Mr. Game & Watch character in Flat Zone 2. This match should be simple due to the small confines of the level

All-Star Mode: Mario Bros.
 Match 2 - Mario Bros.
Game Series: Mario Bros.
First Game: Donkey Kong (1981)
Characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser
Stage: Delfino Plaza, Luigi's Mansion, Mushroomy Kingdom (Both), Mario Circuit

This match is the first large match you will encounter. With 4 characters to fight and 2 to fight at once, it can get quite tricky, especially as several of the stages are moving stages so you have to be ultra careful and plan wisely

All-Star Mode: Mario Bros.
 Match 3 - Donkey Kong
Game Series: Donkey Kong
First Game: Donkey Kong (1981)
Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Stage: Rumble Falls, 75m

The next match is somewhat easier due to there being 2 less opponents to deal with. That said, one of the levels that may be used is a moving level which could add further complications to the match

All-Star Mode: Donkey Kong
 Match 4 - Ice Climber
Game Series: Ice Climber
First Game: Ice Climber (1985)
Characters: Ice Climbers
Stage: The Summit

The next match takes it easier on you by having you only face on opponent; the two Ice Climbers. This match is set on their home stage of The Summit so you have to make sure to be prepared for all the various quirks of that level and try to use them to your advantage

All-Star Mode: Ice Climber
 Match 5 - Robot Series
Game Series: Robot Series
First Game: Stack-Up (1985)
Characters: R.O.B.
Stage: Mario Bros.

The next match is also a rather easy, having you only need to take on R.O.B. on his own. As R.O.B. does not have his own stage, you fight on the Mario Bros. stage and as such have several hazards come up against you in forms of Sidesteppers and Shellshockers

All-Star Mode: Robot Series
 Match 6 - The Legend of Zelda
Game Series: The Legend of Zelda
First Game: The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Characters: Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link
Stage: Bridge of Eldin, The Pirate Ship

The next match takes you back to being against four characters. Although one of them is random as to which form you get; Zelda or Sheik. However, the stages that are utilised both have their hazards so you have to be ultra careful when battling.

All-Star Mode: The Legend of Zelda
 Match 7 - Metroid
Game Series: Metroid
First Game: Metroid (1986)
Characters: Samus/Zero Suit Samus
Stage: Norfair, Frigate Orpheon

The next match has you back battling just the one character. However, the form of Samus you fight is decided when you begin the mode. Sometimes its the normal Samus, others it is Zero Suit Samus so you have to be prepared for both

All-Star Mode: Metroid
 Match 8 - Kid Icarus
Game Series: Kid Icarus
First Game: Kid Icarus (1986)
Characters: Pit
Stage: Skyworld

The next match has you still battling just one single character, in this case; Pit. It's a simple battle upon Pit's home stage so it should be easy with a quick battle

All-Star Mode: Kid Icarus
 Match 9 - Metal Gear
Game Series: Metal Gear
First Game: Metal Gear (1987)
Characters: Solid Snake
Stage: Shadow Moses Island

The nineth match follows suit from the two prior matches and has you fighting a lone Snake in his Shadow Moses Island stage. As this stage is bordered in, it may be tricky to win until you make way through the pillars

All-Star Mode: Metal Gear
 Match 10 - Earthbound/Mother
Game Series: Earthbound/Mother
First Game: Mother (1989)
Characters: Ness, Lucas
Stage: New Pork City

In a change from the 3 matches prior to this one, you are back again fighting two characters. In this case; Ness & Lucas. This double match takes place within the New Pork City level so be sure to watch out for the Ultimate Chimera, and if you can, throw Ness & Lucas into it if it appears

All-Star Mode: Earthbound/Mother
 Match 11 - Fire Emblem
Game Series: Fire Emblem
First Game: Fire Emblem (1990)
Characters: Marth, Ike
Stage: Castle Siege

Continuing the two person matches, you are now against two Fire Emblem Swordsmen; Marth & Ike. This match takes place on their home soil of Castle Seige with its 3 varying terrains so you have to be prepared for a sudden change if you wait too long

All-Star Mode: Fire Emblem
 Match 12 - Yoshi
Game Series: Yoshi
First Game: Super Mario World (1990)
Characters: Yoshi
Stage: Yoshi's Island

After two two-person matches, you are sent back to the single match against Yoshi on his home terrain of Yoshi's Island. This match is simple enough and as such you do not have to worry, unless you're high in damage

All-Star Mode: Yoshi
 Match 13 - F-Zero
Game Series: F-Zero
First Game: F-Zero (1990)
Characters: Captain Falcon
Stage: Port Town Aero Dive

Continuing the one-person matches, you end up against Captain Falcon on his Port Town stage. Due to the nature of the stage, if you do not want to get a lot of damage, you will have to avoid a lot of the changing terrain including the oncoming F-Zero racers

All-Star Mode: F-Zero
 Match 14 - Sonic the Hedgehog
Game Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
First Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Characters: Sonic
Stage: Green Hill Zone

The third one-man match in a row has you against the speeding hedgehog; Sonic. This match, like all others has Sonic fight on his home terrain in Green Hill Zone. Due to his speed, he may get a few quick attacks on you so be careful

All-Star Mode: Sonic the Hedgehog
 Match 15 - Kirby
Game Series: Kirby
First Game: Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Characters: Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight
Stage: Battleship Halberd

The Kirby series is your first 3-person match. However, despite being against 3 people, you're only against 2 at any one time. Due to the stage you're on, you have to avoid various hazards else you will receive massive damage that, this close to the end, could make the whole ordeal end in tears

All-Star Mode: Kirby
 Match 16 - Starfox
Game Series: Starfox
First Game: Starfox (1992)
Characters: Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Wolf O'Donnell
Stage: Lylat Cruise

The second 3-person match has you going against the similar, yet vastly different, Starfox characters. Taking the fight to them on their ship thats travelling through the Lylat System, you are bound to have trouble with them

All-Star Mode: Starfox
 Match 17 - Wario
Game Series: Wario
First Game: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)
Characters: Wario
Stage: WarioWare

After the two thee-person matches, you get given a match against one single Wario. This match takes place on the WarioWare level so if you do the MicroGames while fighting, you may get small little health boosts. Handy if you've used up all of your hearts by now

All-Star Mode: Wario
 Match 18 - Pokémon
Game Series: Pokémon
First Game: Pokémon Red/Green (1996)
Characters: Pikachu, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Lucario
Stage: Pokémon Stadium 2, Spear Pillar

On first glance, this match appears to be a simple 4-person match. However, it is actually a 6-person match. When you end up against Pokémon Trainer during the match, he doesn't switch Pokémon. Rather, you have to beat each of his Pokémon individually in order to progress, making it the strongest and longest battle you will have to face in All-Star mode

All-Star Mode: Pokémon
 Match 19 - Pikmin
Game Series: Pikmin
First Game: Pikmin (2001)
Characters: Pikmin & Olimar
Stage: Distant Planet

After the slug-fest that was the previous 6-man match, the game finishes off All-Star mode with a match against Captain Olimar and his army of Pikmin. This match will be relatively easy, you just have to make sure you have as little health as possible before this match

All-Star Mode: Pikmin
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