Bowser Name: Bowser

Game Series: Super Mario
First Appearance: Super Mario Bros (1984)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Character

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

 Fire Breath
Since his first appearance, Bowser has always had the ability to breathe fire, and Brawl is no different. Bowser can breathe fire in the direction he's facing. However as time goes on, if you continuously breathe fire, the fire amount will shrink until Bowser is not breathing any more fire out leaving him open for attack Special Move - Neutral
 Flying Slam
Bowser's side move is different to his Melee move, although quite similar. Bowser will make a claw at the opponent and try to connect. If he can connect and is close enough to the opponent, the opponent will be grabbed and Bowser will do several flips into the sky, with you being able to control his direction and movement, until he lands and crushes your enemy

Special Move - Side
 Whirling Fortress
The Whirling Fortress is Bowser's recover move. Bowser gets into his shell and spins around, acting as a propeller to get up. Howeever, if anyone comes into contact with it, they will be damaged and send back Special Move - Up
 Bowser Bomb
Bowser's down move is essentially a slam into the ground. If used in the air, Bowser will just come plumetting down beneath him, hitting anyone beneath it. If used on the ground, Bowser will jump up and forwards slightly before doing it. This can send the opponent pretty far Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Giga Bowser Transformation
Bowser's final smash turns Bowser into Giga Bowser. This gigantuan version of Bowser can take damage but cannot be knocked back. He retains Bowser's moveset and can cause decent damage while utilising these moves, all of which is increased during the time Bowser spends as Giga Bowser

Final Smash

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