Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon Name: Captain Falcon

Game Series: F-Zero
First Appearance: F-Zero (1990)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Meet in Subspace Emissary
  • Complete Classic Mode in Normal Difficulty in under 12 Minutes
  • Play 70 VS Matches

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

 Falcon Punch
Captain Falcon's neutral move, and probably the most famous is the Falcon Punch. Its a rather slow starting attack which does leave Captain Falcon open to attack, however once it lets go, a powerful punch surrounded by a Falcon of Fire is sent out in a short area easily decimating anyone in its way Special Move - Neutral
 Raptor Boost
Captain Falcon's side move is a fast running upper cut. It will send your enemies up allowing you to get in some aerial hits. If you use it in mid air, you will be able to essentially hop over your opponent after hitting them so that you keep going Special Move - Side
 Falcon Dive
Captain Falcon's recovery move normally is just a somersault in order to propel you further. However, if you come into contact with an enemy while utilising it, Captain Falcon will grab the enemy and they will be set on fire and thrown backwards Special Move - Up
 Falcon Kick
Captain Falcon's down attack is a kick in the same manner as his punch. Captain Falcon will move in the direction he's facing with a flaming kick that will do good damage to the foes and knock them back a bit. It's very handy when coming down on your opponent from above. Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Blue Falcon
Captain Falcon's final smash is almost a guaranteed Knock Out. Captain Falcon's Racer the Blue Falcon drives past and he jumps into it. Meanwhile, the nearby opponents are dropped into the middle of an F-Zero Race Track and the Blue Falcon goes towards them at tremendous speeds which send the opponents flying off of the course resulting in a loss of stock

Final Smash

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