Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch Name: Mr. Game & Watch

Game Series: Game & Watch
First Appearance: Game & Watch (1980)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Meet in Subspace Emissary
  • Beat Target Smash with 30 Characters
  • Play 250 VS Matches

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

Mr. Game & Watch's neutral move has him grab a saucepan and start flipping various food items at the opponent to do damage. These items only appear for a short time so they either hit something or disappear. If any opponent touches the saucepan while the move is in use, they will get burned and damged Special Move - Neutral
Mr. Game & Watch's side move has Mr. Game & Watch get a hammer and a sign with a number out. The effect of the hammer on the opponent is dependant on the number as follows:
  1. Causes Minimal Damage. Damages Mr G&W
  2. Taps opponent and causes slight damage
  3. Works like the fan item
  4. Does decent damage
  5. Does decent damage and temporarily stuns the opponent with electricity
  6. Does decent damage and hits the opponent with fire
  7. Produces food and does decent damage
  8. Freezes & Damages the opponent
  9. Causes massive damage and almost a guaranteed KO
Special Move - Side
Mr. Game & Watch's recovery move has Game & Watch propelled upwards by two firefighters and their trampoline. he will hit and damage anyone in his path. On the way down, he will utilise a parachute to slow his decent and allow you to more easily control where you land Special Move - Up
 Oil Panic
Mr. Game & Watch's down attack has Mr Game & Watch getting a barrel out. This barrel can store energy obtained from absorbing projectiles that have been shot at Mr Game & Watch. You have the ability to put the Bucket away and bring it back to collect more. Once three projectiles have been absorbed, you have the ability to throw oil out at the ene,y. The damage that the oil causes is dependant entirely on the projectiles it has absorbed

Special Move - Down

Final Smash

Mr. Game & Watch's final smash has Mr. Game & Watch transform into an Octopus from one of the Game & Watch games. Once transformed, you're able to move along the stage, anywhere. You have three legs that extend and retract in length randomly. If you come into contact with any enemy, decent damage is inflicted. A good tactic, due to your size would be to force them into the sides and push them off, preventing them from returning Final Smash

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