Ice Climbers

Ice Climbers Name: Ice Climbers

Game Series: Ice Climbers
First Appearance: Ice Climber (1985)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Character

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

 Ice Shot
Ice Climbers's neutral move has them get their hammers out and bat a small chunk of ice out forwards along the ground, damaging anyone that it hits. If both Ice Climbers are in play, two shots are sent off Special Move - Neutral
 Squall Hammer
Ice Climbers's side move has them get their hammers out and start spinning. Anyone caught in the hammer's path gets hit with decent damage and knockback. If used repeatedly, you can gain decent vertical momentum to try and recover Special Move - Side
Ice Climbers's recovery move has the two Ice Climbers tethered to eachother. One goes up while the other stays down until it is pulled up at a decent speed and propelled far. Anyone hit within it gets decent damage. However, if one of the Ice Climbers is killed, this move cannot be utilised Special Move - Up
Ice Climbers's down attack has the Ice Climbers shoot out frozen air forwards to hit and freeze any foes. If the second Ice Climber is with you, they will turn around and shoot the breathe out from behind in order for you to cover all the bases Special Move - Down

Final Smash

Ice Climbers's final smash has a massive Iceberg come crashing through the middle of the stage. If any opponents hit it, they get continual damage and stunned due to the coldness. It also freezes the rest of the platforms, making them very slippery to walk upon for all characters except Ice Climbers Final Smash

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