Jigglypuff Name: Jigglypuff

Game Series: Pokémon
First Appearance: Pokémon Red/Green (1996)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Meet in Subspace Emissary
  • Complete Event Match 20
  • Play 350 VS Matches

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

Jigglypuff's neutral move has Jigglypuff begin spinning. One you press the button again, Jigglypuff shoots off forwards until it hits something. However, if you miss, you do have control over the direction Jigglypuff moves in. Hwoever, the distance, speed and damage of the attack is entirely dependant on the amount it is charged Special Move - Neutral
Jigglypuff's side move has Jigglypuff lurching forwards a bit and punching. If any enemy is in the way, then they get moderate damage. It is also used in order to help in recovery if Jigglypuff has been blown off the stage, as pressing up just as you do the move gives the move some height Special Move - Side
Jigglypuff's up special is not a recovery move like you would expect the up special to be. Instead, Jigglypuff starts singing. While singing, small shockwaves are sent out surrounding Jigglypuff. If any enemy comes into contact with these, they will fall asleep Special Move - Up
Jigglypuff's down attack has been lowered in power from Melee. However, it is still a powerful attack. If you are making contact with the opponent, this move will cause the opponent to be sent flying and will add a flower to their head, causing continual damage should they survive. If you aren't making contact however, Jigglypuff becomes an easy target. Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Puff Up
Jigglypuff's final smash has Jigglypuff growing to insanely large proportions. This pushes all the opponents out to the sides and can even take up almost the entire stage. Once Jigglypuff has grown to full size, she will shout and if any one is making contact with Jigglypuff at this point in time, they are inflicted with damage and have considerable knockback. Final Smash

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