Luigi Name: Luigi

Game Series: Super Mario
First Appearance: Mario Bros (1983)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Meet in Subspace Emissary
  • Defeat Classic Mode with No Continues
  • Play 22 Brawls

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

Luigi's neutral move is a common Mario game move used in many of the main games. Luigi shoots out a fireball that travels in the direction you're facing, bouncing off the ground where necessary. It causes small amounts of damage but is fast enough for multiple use Special Move - Neutral
 Green Missile
Luigi's side move fires Luigi off to whatever direction you're facing. You need to charge it up in order to get good speed and distance. If you manage to come into contact with anyone, it will cause decent damage and knockback. There is also a 12.5% chance of it being an explosive missile launch which increases the speed Special Move - Side
 Super Jump Punch
Luigi's recovery move is the classic Luigi style jump. Luigi jumps diagonally with his fist up in the air. If he hits any characters he will inflict some damage and some aesthetic coins will appear for a second to add to the effect. If however, you use it while the opponent is just about to start a move, it will cause a firery hit to the opponent that shall cause even more damage Special Move - Up
 Luigi Cyclone
Luigi's down attack is essentially a spin that can take out charactwrs. Luigi spins around and hits essentially. You can move Luigi while he's doing this and continue it on by pressing the button and even recover using it Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Negative Zone
Luigi's final smash is a rather unique and crazy one. Luigi creates a sphere around him encompassing most of a stage. In this sphere, everything is negativised. Anyone within the zone gets hit with a variety of effects including:
Lower Strength
Flower Growth
Lower Speed
Greater launch distance
Damage Increase
Stuck doing nothing but Taunts
Final Smash

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