Pikachu Name: Pikachu

Game Series: Pokémon
First Appearance: Pokémon Red/Green (1996)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Character

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

 Thunder Jolt
Pikachu's neutral move has Pikachu send out a small beam of electricity that travels in front of Pikachu around the stage until it disappears or hits someone. However if sent off in mid-air or over a ledge, it will be a ball of electricity that can also cause damage until it hits the ground and does the aforementioned effect Special Move - Neutral
 Skull Bash
Pikachu's side move is a powerful charge move. Hold the button down and Pikachui will begin charging energy up. When you let go, Pikachu will shoot off sideways, spinning and surrounded by electricity. If Pikachu hits anyone while in transit Special Move - Side
 Quick Attack
Pikachu's up special is it's recovery move. Press the button and Pikachu will shoot up into the direction that the control stick is facing. If Pikachu collides with anyone min transit, it will go through them and do minor damage. if you press the button and point to a different angle when you reach the apex of the movement, you can have a second boost of the attack and move in the new direction. Special Move - Up
Pikachu's down attack has Pikachu calling upon a massive Thunder strike to come from above. This strike damages anyone that touches it and as such is quite deadly. If Pikachu stays at the bottom of it when it hits, the Thunder will cause a massive shockwave to surround Pikachu that will help damage and annoy enemies Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Volt Tackle
Pikachu's final smash has Pikachu use his Volt Tackle attack and turn into a massive ball of electricity. You have complete control of this attack and can even pass through solid objects. Anyone that gets hit by this attack receives considerable damage and knockback Final Smash

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