Pit Name: Pit

Game Series: Kid Icarus
First Appearance: Kid Icarus (1987)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Character

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

 Palutena's Arrow
Pit's neutral move has Pit grab his bow and charge. When the charge is finished or when the button is pressed, Pit shoots an arrow. The arrows can be shot up, diagonally or sideways. However, after the arrows have been shot, you have the ability to control their trajectory and curve them upwards to hit any unsuspecting foe that thinks you're just shooting beneath them Special Move - Neutral
 Angel Ring
Pit's side move has Pit get his bow and spin it in front of him. If any player gets caught in this, they receive decent damage and are continually hit for as long as they touch the move Special Move - Side
 Wings of Icarus
Pit's up special has Pit, if he is in the air, utilise his wings in order to increase his vertical position. As such, you canjust head up and fly about. However, this can only be done for a certain amount of time, after which Pit will fall or, if you're skilled enough, glide Special Move - Up
 Mirror Shield
Pit's down attack has Pit grab his shield. This shield, while in use reflects any projectile that hits it and also prevents damage from attacks if they hit the shield and not Pit himself. This attack however does leave Pit open from above and behind Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Palutena's Army
Pit's final smash has Pit call upon the great goddess Palutena. Responding to this call, she sends in legiomns of her Centurions. They swarm the stage and attack your enemies each doing moderate damage. As soon as the Centurion hits an enemy, it disappears

Final Smash

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