Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon Trainer Name: Pokémon Trainer

Game Series: Pokémon
First Appearance: Pokémon Red/Green (1996)
This Incarnation: Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen (2004)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Character

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

 Pokémon Change
Pokémon Trainer's down move changes the Pokémon that he is to use in the Brawl. This rotates through the Pokémon in a number basis; From Ivysaur to Charizard to Squirtle and then back to Ivysaur. This takes a couple of seconds to do and you are invulnerable while doing it. You need to use this attack to change Pokémon during the battle if you have been a certain Pokémon for over 2 minutes. This is due to the Pokémon getting tired, slower and thus weaker

Special Move - Down

Ivysaur's Special Moves

 Bullet Seed
Ivysaur's Neutral special is Bullet Seed. Ivysaur shoots seeds out of its bulb a short distance. If any enemy gets caught by them, thery will continually be hit until they either edge out of it or Ivysaur stops. This is a good attack to utilise in order to prevent aerial assaults Special Move - Neutral
 Razor Leaf
Ivysaur's Side special is Razor Leaf. Razor Leaf is, as its name implies, a sharp leaf being shot out. The leaf goes in the direction you are facing and will continue on until it hits something. Any person hit with it receives decent damage and knockback Special Move - Side
 Vine Whip
Ivysaur's Up special counts as both an attack and a recovery move. If used on the ground, Ivysaur gets his vines and starts whipping directly in front of him. If any enemy is caught within range, they will be hit with the vines and receive moderate damage. If used in the air, Ivysaur sends it upwards to the nearest ledge or just upwards, hoping to cling on to something to be used as a tether recovery Special Move - Up

Charizard's Special Moves

Charizard's Neutral special is a typical fire move; Flamethrower. Charizard shoots out the flames from his mouth, able to tilt the angle slightly. However, if you use the attack for too long consecutively, the amount of fire Charizard releases is decreased Special Move - Neutral
 Rock Smash
Charizard's Side special has Charizard get a massive Rock for you to carry. Hit the button again and Charizard will headbutt the rock causing a small shockwave. Anyone nearby will get moderate damage but will be knocked back considerably. However, it is a very close range attack Special Move - Side
Charizard's Up Special has Charizard fly straight up into the air. While doing so, Charizard rotates and has a wheel of fire spinning around him, which will cause decent damage to anyone that gets in the way. From the area that he has flown up to, you have the ability to glide if you do so wish Special Move - Up

Squirtle's Special Moves

 Water Gun
Squirtle's Water Gun attack has Squirtle essentially shooting out water onto his opponents. The water damages the opponents and knocks them back so it is good to prevent opponents from getting in close Special Move - Neutral
Squirtle's side move has Squirtle retreating into his shell. He travels along the ground to the left or right, damaging anything he will come into contact with. You can control the movement of the shell as well so you can aim for people Special Move - Side
Squirtle's recover move has Squirtle call upon a Waterfall to send it upwards. This attack will damage and push anyone caught in it upwards, making it a fairly useful attack Special Move - Up

Final Smash

 Triple Finish
Pokémon Trainer's final smash, utilised when any of the three Pokémon are out, has Pokémon Trainer send out the other two Pokémon. They then fire out a mixture of the Flamethrower, Hydro Pump & Solar Beam attacks horizontally in the direction they're facing. This attack damages and pushes anyone that gets caught within it until it is over, where they are sent flying Final Smash

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