Sheik Name: Sheik

Game Series: The Legend of Zelda
First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Character

Obtained By:

  • Selecting at start of match when Zelda has been selected
  • Use Zelda's Down Special

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

 Needle Storm
Sheik's neutral move has Sheik send multiple needles out in front of her towards the enemies. These can be charged for multiple needles and cause minor damage Special Move - Neutral
Sheik's side move has Sheik fire out a whip that will go straight across and then drop down, doing damage to anyone that it hits. It can also be used as a means to tether onto ledges horizontally Special Move - Side
Sheik's up special has Sheik disappear in a puff of smoke and re-appear slightly higher in the direction thsat the control stick was facing. If Sheik re-appears where an enemy is, they will receive damage Special Move - Up
Sheik's down attack has Sheik transform into her original self; Priness Zelda. Zelda has a different moveset to Sheik

Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Light Arrow
Sheik's final smash has Sheik get out a bow and prepare a Light Arrow. The Light Arrow is then shot forwards making for a fine-tuned horizontal beam causing massive damage and almost guaranted to KO anyone that it hits in the process of travelling Final Smash

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