Solid Snake

Solid Snake Name: Solid Snake

Game Series: Metal Gear
First Appearance: Metal Gear (1987)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Meet In Subspace Emissary
  • Play 15 Matches in Shadow Moses Level
  • Play 130 VS Matches

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

Snake's neutral move has Snake get a simple grenade out. Press the button once to get the Grenade out and have the pin pulled, press it once more to throw the grenade at an opponent. After a few seconds the grenade will explode. However, as it has a time detonation, it is possible for the opponents to grab it and throw it back so beware Special Move - Neutral
 Remote Missile
Snake's side move has Snake get a Rocket Launcher out and fire the missile from it. While holding the button, you have the ability to control the missile. If you overshoot, you can just let go of the button or press the shield button and the missile will deactivate, fall to the ground and explode, causing decent damage. However, while using this attack, Snake is completely vulnerable to attack Special Move - Side
Snake's up special has Snake grab onto the Cypher Camera and from there, you can control its distance and where it goes. Once you have reached where you want, you can drop off and re-join the fight Special Move - Up
Snake's down attack has Snake get some C4 explosives out. This explosive can be planted in the ground or even on the back or front of your opponent. Once the C4 has been planted, you should get Snake to a safe distance. Press the button again and the C4 will explode, taking out anything in its blast radius

Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Grenade Launcher
Snake's final smash has Snake jump out of the fighting area and into the foreground. In the foreground, Snake grabs a Grenade Launcher and a crosshair appears on screen. With this, you can aim at the stage and the other cahracters and shoot them down. There are 2 clips of 6 grenades and each shot does moderate damage so its best to use them wisely as opposed to fire randomly at the enemy Final Smash

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