Wario Name: Wario

Game Series: Super Mario & Wario
First Appearance: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Character

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

Wario's Neutral Special attack is essentially a bite. Wario will chase after the opponent (under your control) and will try to grab them with his mouth. If successfull, Wario can continue to bite into the opponent causing decent damage until they manage to escape Special Move - Neutral
 Wario Bike
Wario's side move is unique in that Wario gets a MotorBike out of nowhere, climbs on and rides it in a similar means to Jigglypuff's Rollout & Yoshi's Egg Roll. You control the direction of the move and try to mow down as many opponents as you can. You can get off and back on the Motorbike at any time, but the opponents have the ability to pick it up and throw it at you to cause retaliation damage Special Move - Side
Wario's recovery move is rather weak. All it does is send Wario up in the air slightly. You can damage enemies while doing so, but it is not the best at recovery Special Move - Up
 Wario Waft
Wario's down move is a big fart. It can be charged to a point and the amount of gas released as well as the explosive concussive force. If fully charged, it can cause massive damage to anyone around and will propel Wario far into the air Special Move - Down

Final Smash

Wario's final smash turns Wario into his "super-hero" persona of Wario-Man. Wario-Man is a faster and stronger variation of Wario. He shares the same specials, all faster and more powerful and many of his air attacks allow him to "fly" for a while. It is best to use the Wario Waft for massive damage when Wario-Man and best to avoid using the Bike, unless you enjoy zooming off to the edges Final Smash

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