Wolf O'Donnell

Wolf O'Donnell Name: Wolf O'Donnell

Game Series: Starfox
First Appearance: Starfox 64 (1997)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Meet in Subspace Emissary
  • Play 450 VS Matches
  • Defeat Boss Mode using Fox

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

Like the other Starfox Characters, Wolf has a Blaster. Wolf's blaster is slower to use and recharge, however it does a lot of damage per shot compared to Fox & Falco. The damage is also increased if the target is close to Wolf as he fires due to the design of the Blaster Special Move - Neutral
 Wolf Illusion
The Wolf Illusion move is a move that does little damage. Like Fox & Falco's side moves, it allows Wolf to quickly trave from one area to another. However, unlike Fox & Falco, Wolf's also boosts him up off of the ground in a slight angle and any person that ends up on the receiving end of it does get a decent knock-back Special Move - Side
Wolf's recover move, the Booster is essentially a boost upwards. Unlike Fox's, Wolf's does not charge and quickly goes up as if Wolf is kicking and as such carries any person who hits it up with him. Special Move - Up
Wolf has a reflector move that reflects any projectile sent at him back the way it came. However, Wolf's reflector not only reflects the attacks but also increases their speed 200% sending them hastily back at the opponent. If used when right next to another character, the Reflector will do slight damage to that character Special Move - Down

Final Smash

 Wolfen Landmaster
Wolf's Final Smash, like the other Starfox Characters is a Landmaster. It drops down from above and you get to control its movement and smite your foes. It is slow and not very maneuverable however but it's shots do decent damage to your enemies. As it is slow, you have to hope for the others to come to you or land on you for you to give them massive knockback which is a disadvantage to this landmaster. Be careful when using it as you may fall down a hole Final Smash

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