Stage: Brinstar Stage: Brinstar

Game Series: Metroid
Based upon: Super Metroid (1992)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Stage


Brinstar is another one of the stages that has made the transition from Melee to Brawl. Like in Melee, this stage is a stationary stage with several platforms and knockout points to the left, right, up & sometimes down

The major hazard of this level would be the acid. The acid is usually out of reach, but on occassion, it will rise up to the bottom of the stage, then down and then up to the 2nd level, then down again and then to under the top level. If anyone hits the acid, they get decent damage and are knocked upwards. The platforms to the left and right can be disabled slightly by destroying the support pillars underneath them. This makes them rotate diagonally until they are very thin to walk upon. The logs in the middle of the bottom of the stage can also be destroyed. When all are gone, the stage will seperate; widening and creating a decent sized hole in the middle of the stage

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