Stage: Corneria Stage: Corneria

Game Series: Starfox
Based upon: Starfox 64 (1997)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Stage


Corneria is another one of the stages that has made the transition from Melee to Brawl. Like in Melee, you fight on the various levels of the Great Fox as it flies through the city on Corneria. The design of the Great Fox seems uniquely designed for Brawl combat, with the right area being much lower than the rest

This stage does have many hazards to work around. For one, Arwings and even occassionally Wolfens will come and start shooting their lasers outwards, damaging anyone the lasers hit. You can however temporarily utilised these as a platform, but jump off after they start firing as they will zoom off to the top and that will cause you to go flying off the screen. The guns on the front at the bottom of the Great Fox can also be utilised as a platform. However, when they start charging, they will do massive damage which will usually knock the person out. However, with a powerful few hits, the guns can be destroyed

If playing as Fox, Falco or Wolf while on this stage, you can access easter eggs by pressing the taunt buttons quickly which show some conversations between them and the rest of the Starfox/Starwolf team

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