Distant Planet

Stage: Distant Planet Stage: Distant Planet

Game Series: Pikmin
Based upon: Pikmin (2001)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Stage

Stage Music:

  • Main Theme (Pikmin) - Pikmin
  • World Map (Pikmin 2) - Pikmin 2
  • Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin) - Pikmin
  • Forest of Hope - Pikmin
  • Ai no Uta - Pikmin
  • Environmental Noises - Pikmin
  • Title (Big Brain Academy) - Big Brain Academy


The Distant Planet stage is a multi-layered level based upon a forest in the Pikmin games. As its from the Pikmin games, the fighters are shrunk down to the respective size of the Pikmin from the game, causing many cool effects. All the branches are able to be utilised for platforms and there are pellets around the level, which if thrown into onions will provide items

There are a couple of hazards that come in this stage. The first is in the form of weather. As the side on the left is a slope, problems arise when it begins raining. This has water stream down, pushing anyone who gets caught in it down to the bottom of the screen. Also, sometimes an enemy will come along onto the right hand of the stage. They will stand around for a short time giving you another area on which to brawl. However, after a while, it opens its mouth and starts biting down if anythings there. This causes decent damage and should be avoided

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