Stage: PictoChat Stage: PictoChat

Game Series: PictoChat
Based upon: PictoChat (2002)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Starting Stage

Stage Music

  • PictoChat - PictoChat
  • Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day - Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
  • Opening Theme (Wii Sports) - Wii Sports
  • Dr. Mario (Melee) - Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Wii Shop Channel - Wii
  • Mii Channel - Wii


PictoChat is the most varied stage in the game. It starts of as a simple platform-less stage where you can boot people off to the left and right aswell as upwards and down the sides of the stage. However, at many various points in the stage, some new areas will be drawn and appear for a short time until they disappear again. There are over 25 of these possible permutations and are all chosen at random in no specific order

The first that we shall cover is the Roller Coaster permutation. This adds a curved platform to the level with a small vehicle on top of it that rolls up and down it. You can ride on this and stand on the track to give added height to your battles. Next is the Flag area. These add platforms to the left and right to allow for you and/or the opponents to be able to prevent yourself from falling down if booted high and being unable to reach the recovery area. Next is the evil eyes that are drawn. These essentially give you two extra platforms on which to stand upon and get some height to your match

Next are some lines. You can stand on these and also wall jump on them. These give closed areas for fighting and means if you're higher, you can easily meteor smash someone down through them. The next one has a person drawn. The head and hand specifically. This person can be used as various levels of platforms for some decently high brawls. Next, a boat and a small body of water is drawn. The water can be "swam" in and the various areas of the boat can be stood upon

Next is a tower of bricks. All areas of these can be stood upon and utilised as simple platforms. The side drawings are also solid, so if you get caught in it when its drawn, you will be stuck until it disappears or you can just jump out. Next a small platform is made with some ladders that allow you to climb up to it. This platform is basic and just gives you some height to your brawl. Next is a simple Umbrella that opens up that you can battle upon

Next some Spikes are drawn to the side meaning if you're blown off to the left or right, you will go into them causing more damage before knocking you back down to the stage. Sort of a back-handed recovery slap. Next, a giant whale is drawn in the stage. This whale is able to be used as platforms, as is the water coming out of its blowhole. This is a very high stage so you can get good hits from above in this one. Next, a Swing is drawn. The platform on the swing is able to be stood upon and as it swings, you will be moved with it

Next a face is drawn as if it is blowing. This adds wind to the stage and pushes you to the left of the match, impairing any movement you attempt to do in moving to the right of the stage. Next a tree is drawn. This tree has three specific bushes on the end of the branches in which you can stand on in order to brawl. Next some eyes are drawn with a diagonal line down the middle. This middle line can be walked upon and segregates the fighting into two areas

Next a house and a crude dog is drawn. However, these arent the main parts of the stage, there are platforms to the left and right in the form of brdiges that prevent you from falling down. Next, what appears to be a raft is drawn in. This is simply just an extra higher platform for you to use in your brawl. The next one has some Pine Trees drawn on, the sides of which can be used as small platforms

Next a clock is drawn. Once drawn, the hands on the clock move, but you can utilise them as platforms which get higher and lower depending on the time. Next, a rocket appears and will come across the stage. If you hit this rocket, you will receive damage and a burn due to the explosive and heated nature of the rocket. Next, two fire balls are drawn. These will also damage and burn anyone who touches them

Next a house is drawn, with the roof being solid in order for you to brawl upon it. Next, a plethora of platforms adorn the stage. There are many of them at various heights that make for a very interesting fight if utilised by all parties. Next, a Pirhana Plant, similar in design to the ones in Super Mario is drawn. These will damage you if you get in the way of its mouth.

Next a rudamentary ferris wheel is drawn. This has four platforms, all of which are rotating around the wheel. This can give you some decent height and a way to run away from your enemies below. Next, some spikes are drawn as per the spokes utilised in medieval times. As they are sharp, if you land on one, you will receive damage. Finally, some springs are drawn to the sdides so that if you fall to the sides, you will be able to bounce back up and recover

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