Pokémon Stadium

Stage: Pokémon Stadium Stage: Pokémon Stadium

Game Series: Pokémon
Based upon: Pokémon (1996-2008)

Unlock Criterea:
  • Brawl on Pokémon Stadium 2 20 times


Pokémon Stadium is another one of the stages that has made the transition from Melee to Brawl. Like in Melee, this stage changes after a short time to one of four possible alternate stages based upon the types; Water, Grass, Fire & Rock. The main level, the most likely one you'll play on is a simple platform with two higher platforms. The knockout points are all directions

The first stage change we will cover is the change based upon the water type. On the right, in a make-shift lake, there are two elevated platforms being pushed up by water streams, on the left, back on land, however is a windmill that you can utilise as a rotating platform. However, it will always knock you off as it reaches the top or the bottom. The next stage we are to cover is the Grass stage, which is set out like a park. Theres are tree on the right hand side that allows for you to stand on it as a platform. In the middle theres a wood based structure that houses two platforms on it adding some height to the brawl

The next stage change we will cover is the Fire Stage. On there left is a tree, one branch of which has a wide platform, although you can stand on all of it. To the right, there is a house on fire. However, the fire is inside so it doesnt hurt you. at the front of the house is a higher platform in the means of a porch for you to stand on. The final stage we'll cover is the Rock stage which is set out like a mineshaft. To the left is a massive bit of rock with a massive and sharp slope down giving minor room for recovery. On the right of that rock there are two platforms; one high, one low. Next to those there is a bit of scaffolding holding a low diagonal platform, another platform just above that and one, slightly diagonal just above that one

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