Rental Pokémon

Like its predecessor, Pokémon Stadium 2 has a variety of Rental Pokémon to use. Unlike the previous game where there were different rentals for each cup, this game only has three sets. One for Little Cup, Level 50 and Level 100. The Level 50 and Level 100 sets are almost identical, but with some slightPokémon and move differences between the two. Heracross, for example, has a completely different set in the Level 50 and Level 100 rentals.

As Pokémon Stadium 2 uses the mechanics from Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, you also have the ability to place a hold item onto the Pokémon. In the rentals, you only have the ability to attach certain berries to the Pokémon or items depending on the items you have at your disposal in the game. If you just use rentals or have no viable item in the Game Pak, the choice is as follows:

PrzcureberryHeals from Paralysis
Burnt BerryHeals from Frozen
Ice BerryHeals from Burn
Bitter BerryHeals from Confusion
Mint BerryHeals from Sleep
BerryHeals 10HP

Little Cup | Level 50 Rental | Level 100 Rental