Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is the latest in a long line of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, and while it continues various mechanics, it also introduces several new mechanics to the fold

Alliance Attacks

Alliance Attacks mode is new to this game and adds a level of strategy to it. In this, you can surround the opponent and combine your moves to do massive damage. The damage inflicted here will ignore all type resistances on the opponent Pokémon. This uses up Hunger when you use it, but does do significant damage.


The Looplet is a new hold item introduced in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. This item allows you to use various "Emera" items. These items will give you temporary boosts for things such as Attack strength and Defense, but disappear at the end of the dungeon.

Awakening & Mega Evolution

Continuing on the Mega Evolution mechanic introduced in Pokémon X & Y and existing in almost all titles since, Mega Evolution makes its Mystery Dungeon debut here. When you find the Awakening Emera, your Pokémon will awaken more. This gives them a lot more power. If the Pokémon is capable of Mega Evolution, then it will Mega Evolve, changing its type and ability. However, there is a special meter above the Hit Points on the bottom screen, and when that hits 5, you lose control of your Pokémon for a brief period as it goes on a rampage, which can damage your allies

Mega Evolved Pokémon can do significantly more damage, and even destroy the walls of the dungeon for you to make a shortcut.

Team Sets

Whenever you go to a dungeon, you'll be able to select your team. However, a new feature in this game is to have multiple presets of Pokémon. You get more as you rank up. With this, you can save your commonly used variants in order to have quick access to them. You can also withdraw and deposit items on the screen and assign hold items to each of the three Pokémon. Guest Pokémon will be displayed on the bottom screen.

However, another new feature is that if a Pokémon is of a higher level than you, then they will not be able to be used in successive dungeon ventures, and you'll need to wait a few more dungeon ventures until they become available again. In addition to this, some Pokémon will just refuse to go to some dungeons.

Team Bonus

Often, as you return from a dungeon adventure, when the society starts up for the new day, you will be informed of a special team bonus. If you bring these three Pokémon together as your next adventure team then you will get a variety of bonuses.

The bonuses are:
3* Experience earned
Increase in attack power

These Pokémon will get a special team set on the selection when you go to a dungeon. These Pokémon change each time and you won't get the bonus if you use it again.