Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon builds upon the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games and gives you more than one area to explore. In this game, there are multiple continents to visit, each with stores in, access to different dungeons and more. Each conintent also may have multiple locations to explore outside of dungeons. They can be accessed by purchasing Passports from Lapras and then riding Lapras to the continent.

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Serene Village
Points of Interest:
Pokémon School
Kecleon Bazaar
Hawlucha's Skill Dojo
Pokémon Café

Gentle Town is the small village you start the game in. It has got a variety of small shops to get you started in the game. In the north of the area is the Pokémon School where the game begins and to the south, it has a small lookout to look over the entire village. It also contains a mysterious tree trunk where a dungeon is located.

Lively Town
Points of Interest:
Pokémon Investigation Team
Kecleon Bazaar
Hawlucha's Skill Dojo
Pokémon Café
Klefki's KeySmith
Glorious Gold
Meowth Theater

Lively Town is another town in the Water Continent. This town is far more fully featured and includes the headquarters for the Pokémon Investigation Team, a team of Pokémon who go around the world for adventure, to investigate mysteries and to create a map of the world.

Dungeon Listings

Dungeon Name Japanese Name Floors Unlock Method
Open Pass ジョバンとうげ B4F Chapter 1
Lush Forest シンリョクの森 B5F Chapter 1
Foreboding Forest こわそうな森 B8F Chapter 2
Drilbur Coal Mine モグリュー炭鉱 B7F Chapter 3
School Forest 学校うらの森 9F Chapter 4
Glittering Mountain キララ山 10F Chapter 4
Nectar Meadow カンロ草原 9F Chapter 5
Poliwrath River ニョロボンリバー B9F Chapter 6
Ancient Barrow いにしえの骨跡 11F Chapter 6
Sheer Mountain Range キリタッタ山脈 13F Chapter 11
Gentle Slope Cave なだらかな洞窟 8F Chapter 11
Showdown Mountain 決戦ヶ岳 11F Chapter 11
Purifying Cave じょうかの洞窟 B15F Chapter 11
Cave of Training 修行の洞窟 6F Chapter 6
Leafy Highlands リーフ高原 5F Connect with Bayleef
Headwater Hollow 水源の洞窟 B10F Connect with Lillipup
Longfield Cave ロンシャン洞窟 6F Chapter 12
Sunbathed Garden ひなたぼっの庭 7F Chapter 12
Serpentine Mountain Trail アヤカシ山の小道 8F Chapter 12
Electric Wasteland エレキ荒野 10F Chapter 12
Waterfall Basin Grotto 滝つぼの裏側 16F Connect with Lopunny
Bustling Valley にぎわいの谷 B13F Connect with Slowking
Pledge Hill ちかいの丘 10F Become Bronze Rank
Trash Dungeon あばれるダンジョン 5F Via Password: 926SHK3R
Uprise Range あたらし山脈 4F Chapter 6
Stone Field ストンフィールド 5F Chapter 6
Odd Field おかしな原っぱ 6F Chapter 7
Peewee Meadow ちょこっと草原 7F Chapter 7
Maze Meadow 草原の迷宮 20F Unlock with Password: JP5JR6XX
Rolling Pass コロコロ峠 B20F Unlock with Password: JQMJT46S (Jp), JP62CJNS (US)