Travelling Pokémon

As there are 720 Pokémon within the game, as well as multiple forms for the various Pokémon, connecting with them requires a lot of missions in the dungeons in the world. However, there's another method to finding Pokémon. Various Pokémon are actually found travelling through the dungeons, and you can encounter them within the dungeons. When you enter a floor with one in, you will receive a notification to find it, and with the Pokémon, there are three possible outcomes.

  • Helper: When you encounter the Pokémon, they are moving around the dungeon. Speak to them and you will get your HP, PP and Hunger healed on all of your party Pokémon and you will connect with the Pokémon.
  • Rescue: When you find the Pokémon, it will be unconscious in the middle of a dungeon and will request an Apple from you. Give the Apple and they will connect
  • Battle: When you enter the floor, the Pokémon will attack you, but as soon as you damage it, it will make a run for the stairs. Defeat it before it gets there and you will be connected.

Getting the Pokémon is not an easy task. Many will not appear until you have activated their connection to another Pokémon and from there, they will start appearing within dungeons at random. For example, one player will find Munchlax in Stone Field, while another will find it in Training Cave. So it may be daunting as to where to find the Pokémon. You could go for the dumb luck and try going through all the dungeons repeatedly, but there is another way

When you have no missions on the go or in your task list, you will start receiving notifications in the Connection Orb map about where Pokémon are travelling. You will get three of these at a time and they will detail where a Pokémon can be found. When you're in the dungeon and you have found the Pokémon, as you go to the next floor, the game will also tell you if there are any others in the dungeon before asking if you wish to leave the dungeon or go to the next floor.