Meowth's Theater

Meowth's Theater is a cool feature found in Lively Town where Meowth will allow for you to go through one of five different dungeons and will record your progress. These dungeons are exclusive to the Theater and vary in difficulty. Each of them will lower your Pokémon to Level 5 for the beginning and will prevent you from bringing items into the dungeon, making them be a massive challenge.

Dungeon Name Floors
Meowth in Black
Close Encounters of the Nya
My Fair Misdreavus
Misdreavus Holiday
For a Few Boldores More
It's A Meownderful Life
Dungeon Footage

After you are done with a dungeon, you'll automatically save the footage of your progress through the dungeon. From here, you'll have the ability to watch your playthrough of the dungeon, or upload your playthrough for other people to watch.

This is another feature of Meowth's Theater. You'll be able to go online to watch other people's uploaded dungeon footage. You'll have the ability to fast forward and reverse through the floors or to load up a specific floor in case you're looking for a specific moment. Multiple movies are downloaded in bulk from the servers, or you can enter a specific ID to search for a specific video that has been uploaded.

When you search for other videos, you get to see the most popular videos, showcasing how manny times they have been downloaded, their length and what Pokémon have been used in them.