Pokémon Colosseum

Battle Mountain, exists in Battle Mode aswell as in the RPG Mode. However this time it is A LOT harder and has certain differences. Soon we'll bring a list of the Trainers and Pokémon but for now here are some general details:

Firstly, you can pick between if you want to do it with 1 on 1 battling or with 2 on 2 battling. You have to pick 3 Pokémon for 1 on 1 Battles and 4 Pokémon for 2 on 2. However the trainers have different Pokémon depending on the type of battles you pick.

Right, here's how it goes:

  • You start with 5 continues
  • You get a continue when you beat a trainer without losing a Pokémon
  • You lose a continue whenever your team is wiped out
  • You can save at any point except whilst battling
  • If you lose all your continues you start again from Trainer 1
  • Your team is healed after each battle
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