Pokémon Colosseum

Set in the Orre Region, the game starts showing Yourself, Wes break into Team Snagem's Headquarters and steal one of the Snagem Machines. This act causes Team Snagem to have to go into hiding

In the Orre Region, there are no wild Pokémon so Pokéballs are really hard to come by as, evidently are Wild Pokémon. You begin with Espeon (Lv. 25_ and Umbreon (Lv. 26).
A Short time after the game starts, you find your partner...Mirei who is being kidnapped by Team Snagem because she can sense the Shadow Aura in some of the Pokémon Team Snagem Use, so you two agree to save these Evil Pokémon from their trainers

To do this, you must try and fact Team Snagem and stop them trying to stop you from healing the Shadow Pokémon

When you catch Shadow Pokémon They have 5 Purple Status Bars...these show the amount of Shadowness that the Pokémon has. When it's fully Shadow it only has the following attack but it gains attacks as you slowly heal...however when all 5 bards are gone, your Pokémon is still Shadow. You need to go to the Shrine in Agate Town after that and your Pokémon shall be healed and will get all EXP earned as you healed them. You can also rename them when its healed. They also get a ribbon showing that they have healed from their evilness. Gender Chances are as random as Wild Pokémon

Name PP Att. Acc. Type Effect Contest Type Appeal Jam
Shadow Rush N/A 100 90
Deals Severe Re-Coil to the User None, Shadow Rush cannot be used in Contests

Shadow Pokémon may enter a Hyper Mode which causes them to only use Shadow Rush and it's Critical Hit Ratio will be a lot higher. To Calm it down you need to us the command Call Out. This will also help heal your Pokémon There are multiple ways to heal the Pokémon from Shadowness and here a few are:

  • Keeping them in your team of 6
  • Using them in Battle
  • Place them in Daycare
  • 'Calling Out' to them (See Below)
  • Giving them a Cologne Massage

In this game, you need to complete it before you can trade with Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green and you can only save when using PCs.
There are also some Pokémon that you can only get after going through the game again and again which would require trading later on...or a lot of time.

In battle, instead of the command Run (with Attack, Pokémon and Items) You have the command called Call Out, this will make your Shadow Pokémon come Out of Hyper Mode which will help lower the Shadow Bar. It also helps Awaken Sleeping Pokémon

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