Pokémon Colosseum

The P*DA...a.k.a. The Pokémon Digital Assistant. This gadget is sort of like a Pokédex and a Mobile Phone of previous games however it does have certain features which are different and here is a list, click below to get to the section:

  1. Snatch List
  2. Memo List
  3. E-Mail

Snatch List

The Snatch List. Like a Pokédex. Here the Dark Pokémon on your team are in white and the ones in your boxes are Yellow
On the pages, it gives details about it's original trainer and other data like if it is still Dark Or Not

Memo List

The Memo List is basically a List of all the Pokémon you have seen and battled
It gives General Information like type, height, weight. You can also hear it's cry on this page
You are also capable of having a 3D look around this Pokémon with Zoom and rotate functions
And you can have size comparisons of the Pokémon compared with Leo


During the course of the game you will be getting e-mails advising you where to go and what to do. They will be shown here

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