Pokémon Colosseum

The Celebi Shrine in Ageto City, here is where you can totally heal your Pokémon from their evilness giving them their 4th attack back...however, if you have a Flute Of Time...something may happen

When you're at the Shrine and you play the Flute Of Time, Celebi will appear and help you out

Celebi Appears and heals one of your Pokémon totally from it's darkness...however, this can only be done once so use wisely. We have 5 pictures as a step by step. Enjoy

1: Celebi Floats down from Above
2: Celebi Heads off Towards Your Pokémon
3: Celebi starts orbiting the Pokémon
4: A Sphere of Energy Surrounds the Pokémon sucking Dark energy
5: The Darkness is Sucked Out of the Pokémon and Celebi Vanisheds

Load the Bonus Disk in the Gamecube. You'll get a selection of Promo trailers for Multiple games. Access the Colosseum screen and you'll get 2 options, the PokéCoupon Exchange Centre and Sacred Shine. Go to the sacred shrine (once you have all 48 Pokémon Healed and Purified:

You will end up in front of the Relic Stone in Agate Village. Eagun will be standing in front of it and will say:

'Oh, , I'm so glad to see you here. How's the revival of dark Pokémon going? Oh! All the dark Pokémon in Orre have been revived?! That's so great, !'
'Hm? That... that is.. ?! Ce.. Celebi?!

Celebi then comes appears in front of the shrine in a greenish glow like it did when you use the timeflute.

Eagun: 'Celebi has arrived to give you its blessings as well!'

If you have more than 5 Pokémon in your party, Eagun will say: 'Oh... You have too much Pokémon in your party. Celebi cannot be received this way. Free a space in your party and come back again.' Celebi will then disappear again into the sky.

Otherwise, Celebi will float towards you and the game will save itself.

Eagun will remark that even though Celebi's gone, its blessings are still within the shrine and dark Pokémon can still be revived.

However, thats not it, you can get it directly transferred to your game as afterwards Eagun asks "Does your friend want to receive the blessing of Celebi, too?"
You will be prompted to link up to your GBA, and a Celebi gets downloaded to the GBA cart that way., but only if the following conditions are met:

  • Beaten Elite Four
  • Saved at Pokémon Centre
  • Have 5 or less Pokémon in your team
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