Pokémon Colosseum

Ho-oh. Pokémon #250. This rare Pokémon can be obtained in Colosseum one way and one way only and here is the way to get it:

First, you need to have Snatched and Healed all 48 Pokémon. Click here for info

  1. Enter Battle Mode, then go to option of Registering your Pokemon
  2. Register your party of 6 from the Scenario Mode, meaning the active 6 you were carrying when you last saved in the Scenario Mode
  3. Enter Battle Mountain in the Battle Mode, choose either the single (1 vs 1) or double (2 vs 2) battle
  4. Beat all 100 trainers
  5. After you've beaten all 100 trainers, Ho-Oh will show up on the screen (with black background), and a message pops up saying 'The blessing of Ho-Oh has arrived for the master or revival and battle', and then another message 'Ho-Oh has been sent to your PC'.
  6. You will exit battle mountain automatically after confirming the amount of Pokecoupons you've won
  7. Go back to Scenario Mode and check your PC. The rainbow bird should be sitting right there at level 70

Ho-oh is not Dark and knows a full set of attacks and has your ID Number. is yours

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